Tower of Fantasy’s Time-Gated Level Cap is Holding the Game Back

Tower of Fantasy fans is having a serious issue.

by Carlos Hurtado


Recent discoveries have shown how Tower of Fantasy’s time-gating has brought some discomfort to the community. Many gamers are already complaining about the game’s features, and many players are being very vocal about it on sites like Reddit.

Tower of Fantasy launched a couple of days ago, and since then, thousands of players have been investing dozens of hours into this new MMORPG title made by Hotta Studio. The title that resembles a lot to Genshin Impact has received a lot of attention since its release, and some players have been sharing a mix of excitement and complaints regarding the title, and one issue stands above all else. Besides this problem, the game has been well received by players, and its future looks promising.

A few hours ago, a post on the Tower of Fantasy subreddit ran a poll about the time-gating feature many players have been complaining about. According to this post and another one that got over one thousand upvotes, many players are upset about the studio’s decision and believe it punishes players who like to explore their surroundings like in many other open-world titles. Most players think that time-gating things like chests or levels are everything, but right and these comments seem to be growing.

The other post that was published on the subreddit had a similar response; many players thought that punishing players for leveling up faster than others did not make any sense, while some others thought levels did not have a lot of weight to the game’s experience because enemies scale as your character progresses through your playthrough. The community is split by this decision, and some of them are still surprised by this feature in a game like this.

All in all, many users stated that this was one of the reasons they stopped playing after they got time-gated while going through their playthrough. This is a rather sensitive issue that will be difficult to fix, given the fact that the community does not share the same opinion. Tower of Fantasy‘s community will have to wait until the developers release an official statement about it or announce a change in the next updates.

Tower of Fantasy is available now on PC and mobile devices. If you need help while going through Aida make sure you read any of Tower of Fantasy guides, we will give you all the help you need.

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