12 Minutes: How to Fast Forward Time

Skip the waiting and cut straight to the excitement.

by Diego Perez
12 Minutes Loop Beginning

12 Minutes doesn’t seem like a long time, but you’ll want to fast forward or skip time at some point during this game. Some things happen later in the loop, and thankfully, you aren’t forced to sit idly by and just wait for things to happen. There are a few ways to manually skip time. The game will let you fast forward straight to pivotal moments like the cop arriving at the apartment and other times. Here’s how to skip and fast forward time in 12 Minutes.

How to Fast Forward Time in 12 Minutes

There are two ways to skip forward in 12 Minutes. The first way is to hide in the closet. Click on the closet door to open it, walk inside, and then click the door again to close it. Your wife will ask what you’re doing if she sees you enter the closet, but she won’t stop you from hiding. If you stand still in the closet for a moment, your character will say “now we wait” and the clock will skip forward.


You can also fast forward time by sleeping in the bedroom. This works the same way as the closet, only you won’t be hidden from the cop if you choose this method. Either way, the game skips forward to the next important moment, which is usually the cop arriving at the door and entering the apartment.

12 Minutes is a repetitive game at its core, so you’ll have to skip forward in the loop pretty often. Hiding in the closet is usually the best way to do so because the bed doesn’t allow you to maintain the element of surprise, but make sure your wife doesn’t see you enter the closet if you do plan on remaining hidden. If she sees you enter the closet, she’ll call out to you during the home invasion, leading the cop to search the closet and find you.

Now that you know how to fast forward time in 12 Minutes, you can use this ability to your advantage to solve other puzzles. Catching the cop by surprise is the first step to beating him, and you can learn valuable information like the location of the Pocket Watch this way.

12 Minutes is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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