Alan Wake 2: All Alex Casey Lunchbox Locations in Cauldron Lake

He may be Cold Case Casey, but with this you can carry your own hot lunch!

by J.R. Waugh
Alan Wake 2 All Alex Casey Lunchbox Locations Cauldron Lake
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Alex Casey is a household name thanks to the successful novels as they continue to be popular in Alan Wake 2, to the point of appearing on lunchboxes. Scattered across numerous areas, these Alex Casey lunchbox locations across Cauldron Lake hold valuable secrets in Alan Wake 2!

Aside from being a neat little collecting marathon, these lunchboxes each hold valuable manuscript fragments that you’ll need to upgrade Saga’s weapons. They each have fun little notes, ranging from letters, to blurbs, to outright poetry, so seek them all out!

Alan Wake 2 Alex Casey Lunchbox Locations: Cauldron Lake

The Alex Casey lunchbox locations are fairly tricky to spot in Cauldron Lake, unlike other collectibles in Alan Wake 2. Thankfully, you can find them thanks to knitted landmarks signaling they’re close. But I went one step further and pinpointed the exact locations in Cauldron Lake, 8 total, with clarity on which ones you can reach the quickest below:

Locations 1-4 Can Be Found Soon After Starting

These don’t require much beyond some simple exploration, while the rest of the game will open up to you as you progress the story. If you’re reading on mobile, you can swipe left or right to see the first 4 Alex Casey Lunchbox locations in Alan Wake 2 here!

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  • Alan-Wake-2-All-Alex-Casey-Lunchbox-Locations-Cauldron-Lake-1
  • Alan-Wake-2-All-Alex-Casey-Lunchbox-Locations-Cauldron-Lake-2
  • Alan-Wake-2-All-Alex-Casey-Lunchbox-Locations-Cauldron-Lake-3
  • Alan-Wake-2-All-Alex-Casey-Lunchbox-Locations-Cauldron-Lake-4

These are easy to find and you will find them in your first hours of playing the game. Don’t worry, as even though you leave Cauldron Lake to progress the story, you can go back to your car and return at any point, which is important because you’ll need to get through an Overlap segment at Witch’s Ladle to reach the next ones!

Cauldron Lake: Alex Casey Lunchbox Locations 5-7 Are Available After Getting Past Witch’s Ladle

Once you’ve cleared the spookiest tree ever, you’ll lower the flooding in the area and even encounter a fascinating companion, whether he be friend or foe. But you also get access to the following lunchboxes:

  • Alan-Wake-2-All-Alex-Casey-Lunchbox-Locations-Cauldron-Lake-5
  • Alan-Wake-2-All-Alex-Casey-Lunchbox-Locations-Cauldron-Lake-6
  • Alan-Wake-2-All-Alex-Casey-Lunchbox-Locations-Cauldron-Lake-7

You may also be spotting some fascinating icons including the Nursery Rhymes, but don’t worry, we’ll get to those at a later time. Finally, the last lunchbox location is a bit trickier than the others because you need to progress much further in the story first.

The Last Lunchbox Is Only Available After Getting the Bolt Cutter

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Once you get the Bolt Cutter after clearing a pretty intense segment of Saga’s story where a lot of shocking revelations are laid out (I won’t go further for the sake of spoilers) you can return once again to go to the Rental Cabins. Inside you’ll find the last of the lunchboxes in Cauldron Lake!

- This article was updated on October 27th, 2023

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