All Abandoned House Secrets in Demonologist

Why did the haunted house scream... From window pain.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you wondering what all 3 Abandoned House secrets in Demonologist are? Demonologist is the hit new ghost hunting game influenced by Phasmophobia but one that holds its own. One fun aspect of the game is uncovering secrets and easter eggs on each map through riddles and your microphone. However, not all secrets are easy to find, and you must know how to find them.

All 3 Abandoned House Easter Eggs in Demonologist

There are three secrets on the Abandoned House map in Demonologist. You will need a microphone to find all three secrets as they are voice-activated.

Ball Demonologist

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As you navigate the main floor of the Abandoned House map, you will find a picture with red writing sitting on a chair. To activate this secret, you must say: “Do you want to play ball with me” into your microphone. After doing so, you will hear a young kid laugh, and a ball will be rolled down the hallway before you.

Magna Demonologist

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Inside the library, you will find a picture of a young lady named Magna written in the bottom right corner. To activate this secret, stand before the picture and say “Magna” into your microphone. It took me a few tries to get this one to actuate. You need to over pronounce both syllabus in her name to get the game to register you said the name. You can do this with the lights on or off, depending on the level of scare you want to experience.

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Dream Room Demonologist

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Find the room with the dress-wearing maniquenan. There will be a shrine in a glass case that is blocking an entrance into another room. The shrine has a wood shelf with the name “Victoria” carved into it. To move the glass case, you must say “Victoria” into your microphone.

The shrine will disappear, and you will gain access to another room. Explore the room, and you will find yourself in another passageway leading to a closed door. You will find the word “Dream” written on this door. Say the word, and the door will open to another room.

Head into the room, and music will begin to play. Once you are ready to leave, the door will slam shut on you, and you will be stuck forever…. just kidding, not really. To get the door to open, you need to say “My name is anger” into your microphone.

- This article was updated on April 17th, 2023

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