All Animals in the Planet Zoo Tropical Pack DLC

Welcome to the jungle!

by Alex Huebner
Image: Frontier Developments

On April 4th, Planet Zoo fans will be getting a new free update to the game. Alongside the update will be a paid Planet Zoo Tropical Pack DLC with new animals, plants, and decor to place around your zoo. As the name implies, these features will all be part of the tropical rainforest. Here’s what to expect.

New Planet Zoo Tropical Pack Animals

  • Asian Water Monitor
  • Brown-throated Sloth
  • Fossa
  • Lar Gibbon
  • Red River Hog

All the animals in the Planet Zoo Tropical Pack will be habitat animals except for the brown-throated sloth, which will be an exhibit animal. This means while there are some customizations you can make to the exhibit, it is exclusively placed inside a smaller enclosure with pre-set options for you to research and choose from. As for the rest of the animals, you’ll be able to go wild with creativity on a space for your new animals. Maybe you’ll even want to include some of the new plants and decoration items that come with the pack.

New Planet Zoo Tropical Pack Plants

  • Epiphytes
  • Pitcher’s Plant
  • Rafflesia

These plants are sure to give your new jungle areas the perfect jungle theme. The carnivorous pitcher’s plant and the rafflesia (or corpse flower) are large rainforest plants with bright colors sure to draw your guests eyes and attention. The epiphytes are unusual plants that root themselves onto other plants instead of in the ground. This could make for some very cool designs with tropical trees in your exhibits.

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New Planet Zoo Tropical Pack Campaign

If you love to play the scenarios, you’ll be excited to see an additional scenario from the Planet Zoo Tropical Pack too! A zoo purchased from an auction is in sad shape and needs your help. Tiffany hires you and Dominic Myers to fix it, but you may want to keep an eye on Myers.

- This article was updated on March 23rd, 2023

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