All Artifact Locations in ARK Fjordur

It's the survival of the fittest!

by Amitesh Dhar

The ARK Fjordur map is one of the most popular maps that you will come across on ARK: Survival Evolved. Scattered throughout this island are multiple artifacts for you to collect.

These artifacts are rather interesting objects in the game that can be found in various caves spread throughout the island.

Where to Find Artifacts in ARK Fjordur?

There are a total of ten artifacts that you will come across in ARK Fjordur. These artifacts are very similar to sigils and are located deep inside certain unmarked caves. If you’re just starting out on your ARK journey, we’d recommend that you stay away from any cave because it’s not safe to enter these areas without proper weapons and armor.

To make matters worse, the animals inside these caves have the potential to kill your tames as well if they’re not powerful enough. We’ll always recommend going for animals like a T-Rex or a Megatherium and a Desmodus. The Desmodus is a rather interesting choice because it’s one of the very few animals that have the ability to fly inside a cave. Your Argentavis or Pteranodon will not be able to fly inside caves. The Maewing can also glide inside caves, but it’s not meant for combat.

Once you’ve collected these artifacts and some additional materials, you will be able to use them to summon portals which lead to different bosses spread out across the island. That said, here’s a quick rundown of all the artifact locations in ARK Fjordur.

Artifact of the Brute


Coordinates: 50.0 Latitude, 14.3 Longitude

This cave is on Swamp Island. To survive inside this cave, you will need a Gas Mask. Stock up on some Medibrews as well, while you’re trying to go for this artifact. Once you’re past the entrance and inside the first room, call on your tame because you won’t be able to get past if you don’t have an animal alongside you.

Artifact of the Cunning


Coordinates: 76.5 Latitude, 64.5 Longitude

Finding this cave is rather tricky. It’s an underwater cave, so make sure you have your diving gear with you. When you’re at the coordinates mentioned above look down into the water and you should be able to see some glowing crystals. Dive into the water and go past the crystals, and you will come across the entrance to the cave.

Artifact of the Devourer


Coordinates: 3.5 Latitude, 3.5 Longitude

This is yet another water cave that you will come across in ARK Fjordur. Once at the given coordinates, keep diving down till you come across the entrance of the cave. Also, this cave is in icy waters so armor with good hypothermal insulation is very essential, along with diving gear. This cave also happens to be a good place to farm Silica pearls! This isn’t a very complicated cave, but you will face some nasty fishes, so be prepared with your fish army before you enter the cave.

Artifact of the Hunter


Coordinates: 07.0 Latitude, 40.3 Longitude

The entrance to this cave is in the snow biome so make sure you’re wearing some fur armor. Also, carry a parachute or two, because you’re going to need it. This cave is inside a structure that is very similar to the Nordic Tombs we’ve seen in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. When you head inside, make your way to the back of the room. There should be a pit here. Drop into the pit and deploy your parachute. Try not to hit the water else you’ll be a feast for all the piranhas that are there in the water. Right above the water should be a ledge. Make your way onto it, and enter the subsequent room. At the end of the room, you’ll find a loot crate. Break the wall to the left and you’ll find the actual entrance to the cave.

Artifact of the Immune


Coordinates: 91.2 Latitude, 75.9 Longitude

The entrance of the cave is located very close to the Wyvern Trench on Lava Island. This is probably the shortest cave in terms of the artifact location. There are, however, loads of annoying animals that will test your patience. Coming in with a high-level Rex or a Megatherium is absolutely important if you want to survive.

Artifact of the Massive


Coordinates: 71.5 Latitude, 0.7 Longitude

The entrance to this cave is through an underwater tunnel. Approach the said coordinates and then drop into the water. Once underwater, keep diving and you should be able to see an entrance to the side. Don’t travel all the way to the floor. There will come a point where you will have to travel upwards. Once you’ve made it to the surface, equip your crossbow and grappling hooks and then use them to climb up to the top.

There is a doorway right above some green crystals, so keep an eye out for the crystals. Once you’ve made your way inside the door and then to the back of the room, this is where the real entrance of the cave is located.

This is also the only cave that has booby traps and a maze. There are two rooms which have buttons. You will need to press these buttons properly to access the artifact at the end of the cave.

The combination for the first cave room is Green, Yellow, Purple, and then Blue. If you do this correctly, the blocked room door beside the buttons should open up, revealing another cave structure that finally leads to the maze. Keep walking down the stairs till you come to the bifurcation in the path. Take the second path, and keep going till you come to another bifurcation. That should take you to yet another bifurcation. Make a left and keep going straight till you come to a third bifurcation. Make your way to the dead end of the room and then take the right. This pathway has a few broken platforms in the place of a floor. Make your way by jumping across these platforms.

At the end of this pathway is a room. Make your way past it and then take the first. This should lead you to a huge room with another set of buttons and crystals. The order for this is Green, Purple, Yellow, and Blue. Another door should open, and located inside this room is the Artifact of the Massive. Collect the artifact and make your way to the other end of the room. With your back towards the artifact, look at the right wall at the end of the hall. There should be a button that is your ticket out of this maze section in ARK Fjordur.

Artifact of the Pack & Clever


Coordinates: 23.5 Latitude, 56.8 Longitude

This is the only cave with two artifacts. Moreover, while you’ll face a host of creepy crawlies, the entrance of the cave is littered with small rock platforms and streams of lava, so you better be good at playing “The Floor is Lava!” Once you’ve crossed this stream of lava, make your way to the big island in the middle. The path on the left leads to the Artifact of the Clever while the path that goes straight leads to the Artifact of the Pack. You will need a strong animal like a Rex or a Megatherium to help you clear out all the creepy crawlies that spawn here. And if you’re having trouble traversing through the cave system, and the lava stream, grab your grappling hooks and crossbow. That should save you a world of pain.

Artifact of the Skylord


Coordinates: 07.8 Latitude, 23.5 Longitude

This is a snow cave so make sure you have some fur armor on, or else you will freeze to death. This cave is pretty straightforward, and a little bit of exploration can help you find out the way to the artifact quite easily. But the problem isn’t with the path, it’s with the animals that you’ll see here. This cave is littered with wolves and Dire bears, so choose your tame wisely. At the end of the cave, you will find a gorilla statue with the artifact in front of it. Alternatively, there are a lot of trenches here, so use your crossbow and grappling hook to lure the animals into the trenches, if you’re not up for a fight.

Artifact of the Strong


Coordinates: 10.5 Latitude, 84.9 Longitude

This cave is littered with bears and Titanboas alongside some other nasty creatures. Keep making your way through the cave while fighting off all these enemies. Stick to the straight path, and you should come to a room with some huge crystals on a wall. While this might seem like a dead end, it isn’t so. There’s a small ledge on top of these crystals. Use your grappling hooks and crossbows to help you climb onto the ledge and then make your way through the tunnel.

This should take you to a big room with statues of the animals you’ll see in ARK Fjordur. On the platform with the statues will be your Artifact of the Strong.

For now, these are the artifacts that you will find on the Fjordur map in ARK: Survival Evolved. The most effective way to tame an animal in ARK is by making Kibble, so here are some recipes! From a Snow Owl to a Reaper, everything can be tamed in the game.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

- This article was updated on November 28th, 2022