How to Tame, Feed and Breed the Snow Owl in ARK: Survival Evolved

Find out how to tame, feed, and breed the Snow Owl

by Kara Phillips


The beautiful world of ARK: Survival Evolved hosts a whole array of enchanting inhabitants for players to thrive amongst. But alongside admiring them in their natural habitat, a few of ARK’s animals can be tamed and trained to accompany the player in their adventure. So read on to find out how you can adopt a snow owl of your own.

How to Tame and Feed the Snow Owl in ARK: Survival Evolved

The Snow Owl can be tamed with or without a trap, but it depends on how confident you’re feeling. Using a trap will make catching the owl significantly more manageable since you can set up the trap, provoke the owl to attack, and then run through the trap and seal it in. Following this, you’ll have a much easier chance of shooting the owl with a tranquilizer dart.

To catch and tame the Snow Owl without a trap, you’ll need to equip a crossbow or bow loaded with tranquilizer darts and shoot the owl while it’s resting on the ground. Once you’ve hit the owl, it will begin to attack you, and if you’ve got a mount with you, there’s a chance your mount will intervene and potentially kill the bird. So if you do bring a mount, make sure you leave it a reasonable distance from the snow owl site.

Once the owl is unconscious, place meat or kibble in its inventory and feed it. Since owls are carnivores, finding a suitable diet is significantly more accessible, and any raw meat or fish will satisfy. Superior kibble can also be fed to the owl, so the options are relatively open.

While the owl is unconscious, you’ll need to craft a saddle to tame it. The recipe for the saddle is unlocked at level 61 and needs 350 Hide, 185 Fiber, and 150 Chitin, Keratin, or Shell fragments. Once the saddle has been equipped in the owl’s inventory, it’ll be your companion for the rest of your adventure.

How to Breed the Snow Owl in ARK: Survival Evolved

To breed a pair of snow owls, you’ll need to have a male and female placed in a large enclosure. Then, the pair of owls need to be set via the command menu to ‘wander’ to breed. You can switch both owls directly to ‘pair,’ but the player will need to stand by the enclosure for the entire process. The breeding interval for a pair of snow owls is anywhere between 18 to 48 hours.

Once you have received the egg, you’ll need to place it in an incubator. The temperature should be between 12 and 13 degrees to encourage hatching. The hatching period lasts around three hours, and you’ll need to dedicate around six hours of your attention to putting food in the inventory of the baby owl before it can begin feeding on its own. The entire maturing process of a baby snow owl takes around two days and seven hours.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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