All Characters and Abilities in XDefiant

Which faction will be your favorite?

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering what all characters and abilities in XDefiant will be during the closed beta and on launch day? XDefiant’s classes are based on characters from popular game series in the Ubisoft catalog. Including these characters has created what’s being called the Ubiverse. It is fascinating to see how the Faction character’s abilities will match up to their franchise counterparts.

All Factions and Abilities in XDefiant


There are currently five Factions in XDefiant. Each faction has two different Faction abilities that affect yourself or your teammates, giving you flexibility based on how your match is going.

Cleaners Abilities in XDefiant

The Cleaners are a faction of villains from Tom Clancy’s The Divison.

  • Passive Trait: Incendiary Rounds
    • Incendiary Rounds inflict extra burn damage at the expense of weapon range.
  • Ability: Incinerator Drone
    • The Incinerator Drone rains down napalm that burns all players in its flight path.
  • Ability: Firebomb
    • The Firebomb is a Molotov cocktail that explodes in damage and inflicts burn damage in a small area.
  • Ultra: The Purifier
    • The Purifier is a flamethrower that will burn all enemies caught in its path.

DeadSec Abilities in XDefiant

The DeadSec is a hacking collective from the Watch Dogs video game series.

  • Passive Trait: Fabricator
    • The Fabricator allows you to recreate a deployed device.
  • Ability: Spiderbot
    • The spiderbot is a mechanical spider that seeks out enemies and stuns them via a face hug.
  • Ability: Hijack
    • Hijack allows you to hack enemy-deployed abilities and use them as your own.
  • Ultra: Lockout
    • Lockout disables your enemies’ minimap, abilities, and HUD in an affected area.

Echelon Abilities in XDefiant

The Echelon are characters from Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell game.

  • Passive Trait: Low Profile
    • You do not appear on minimaps of your enemies.
  • Ability: Intel Suit
    • Intel Suit provides the location of closeby enemies with your teammates.
  • Ability: Digital Ghillie Suit
    • The Digital Ghillie Suit allows you to become nearly invisible. However, aiming and movement reduce the effectiveness of the Digital Ghillie Suit.
  • Ultra: Sonar Goggles
    • Sonar Goggles reveals your enemies and lets you kill them with the Third Echelon 5.7 pistol.

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Libertad Abilities in XDefiant

The Libertad is a rebel group that fights the Castillo regime in Far Cry 6.

  • Passive Trait: Espiritu de Libertad
    • You will slowly heal yourself and your nearby allies.
  • Ability: El Remedio
    • You will launch a gas canister that heals all teammates until it is canceled or destroyed.
  • Ability: BioVida Boost
    • Receive a boost to your total health and health regeneration for you and your nearby teammates.
  • Ultra: Medico Supremo
    • Your Medico backpack dramatically boosts your health and healing abilities for a limited time.

Phantoms Abilities in XDefiant

The Phantoms are based on the Specialist class from Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms.

  • Passive Trait: Hardened Health
    • Hardened Health provides an increase in your health.
  • Ability: Mag Barrier
    • Mag Barrier blocks enemy grenades and fire through an electromagnetic barrier.
  • Ability: Blitz Shield
    • The Blitz Shield allows you to equip a tactical shield. You can perform a Shield Bash using the Melee button.
  • Ultra: Aegis
    • Aegis provides a spherical shield that protects you and all teammates within and an Electro-scattergun to keep enemies out of the sphere.

- This article was updated on April 15th, 2023

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