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by Kara Phillips


When it comes to horror games, a considerable amount of the fear factor is embedded within its cast. Therefore, characters need to adopt an intimidating and unsettling design while still having a lot of features to keep players intrigued. Luckily, Little Nightmares 2 ticks every box regarding character design, so read on to find out everything you need to know about the personalities within the game.

Every Character in Little Nightmares 2

Nine central characters play vital roles in Little Nightmares 2, each with individual haunting quirks and attributes. Although it’s easy to gloss past each character, especially when hunting you down, taking a moment to stop and admire each character exposes how unsettling their designs are. Even the two main protagonists have an ominous air around them, but compared to the enemies found within the confines of Pale City, they are nowhere near as terrifying. The following list includes every character and a little bit about their attributes within Little Nightmares 2.


Mono is the protagonist and playable character of Little Nightmares 2. Although it’s rare you catch a glimpse of the character’s face, especially as it’s hidden under a paper bag for the majority of the title, it’s clear that he is a small child. Compared to many of the game’s enemies, he pails in size and has no power over them.


Six is the secondary protagonist for the title and accompanies Mono for most of the game. While Mono fights enemies head-on, Six seems to be the reason they’re aggressive in the first place. She’s controlled by an AI for the entire game and is used as an assist for most levels, offering Mono help to reach high places or turning a wheel to lower a platform to ensure his safety.


The Hunter is the first enemy players will encounter within Little Nightmares 2—and armed with a shotgun, he’s a reasonably intimidating boss. The first challenge of the title will be a chase between the Hunter and Mono & Six, where players will have to dip and dive to avoid bullets. From here, the pair have to avoid his gaze to escape safely. The Hunter is fascinated with taxidermy and is frequently seen skinning animals outside Pale City. Unfortunately, it’s assumed that he is on his own since there are no signs of life besides Six in his home.


The Teacher is one of Little Nightmares’ most horrifying offerings, taking on a slim, washed-out appearance. The Teacher appears to control the schoolchildren and has a strict attitude supported by her aggressive nature. She also has the ability to extend her neck to abnormal lengths, which makes for some intense chase scenes within confined spaces during gameplay.

School Kids

The School Kids, also known as bullies, dominate the entire school map. They take the form of ceramic children around the same size as Six and Mono, though they are significantly more aggressive and pose many threats to the player. Mono is challenged to blend in with the children by wearing a decapitated head as a mask and explores how aggressive the schoolchildren are. They steal Six from Mono, which explains why he enters the school in the first place.

The Doctor

The Doctor, alongside the Teacher, is another slightly ominous yet towering being that scrambles across the floor and ceiling of the hospital on all fours. Unfortunately, the details of this character are left unclear due to the area’s lighting. Still, he is much larger than the children and responsible for the nightmarish appearance of the hospital and the half corpse, half mannequin patients. Unfortunately, the Doctor is hardly included in gameplay, as the central focus of the hospital is on its patients. But that’s not to say he doesn’t support the fright-fest of Little Nightmares 2.

The Hospital Patients

Alongside the Teacher, the Hospital Patients are some of Little Nightmares’ most freakish additions. They take the form of half corpses, doll-like mannequins, which is the Doctor’s creation. Although they are incredibly aggressive toward the player, they are somewhat easy to evade—these patient litter the entire hospital, which keeps any player avoiding them hot on their toes. The only way to prevent them from attacking is by shining Mono’s flashlight toward them, but they come from every direction. So you have to act fast.

The City Folk

The inhabitants of Pale City don’t play a significant role in Little Nightmares 2, yet they are still integral to understanding the storyline. Mono explores apartment buildings toward the end of the title and is introduced to the droopy City Folk and their addiction to television static. Although they are relatively passive toward Mono when the television is on, as soon as the plug is pulled, they become vicious and will attack Mono at all costs, even if it sacrifices themselves.

The Thin Man

The Thin Man is Little Nightmare 2’s primary antagonist and is why Mono begins his journey through Pale City. He appears to be chasing Mono throughout the game and is the overseer of the City and its inhabitants. He’s a tall, slender character who wears a grey-ish suit, making it significantly easy for him to blend into the shadows of the monochrome cityscape. Toward the end of the game, Mono engages in a pretty intense boss battle with the Thin Man, but until that point, he offers no threat but his presence.

Little Nightmares 2 is available on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on September 21st, 2022

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