All Characters In Pizza Tower

Find out who cooka da pizza in Pizza Tower.

by Shaun Cichacki

Gamers hoping to find their new obsession, please avert your eyes in the direction of Pizza Tower. With a flaky crust made of pure Wario Landesque platforming, topped with a hearty layer of John Kricfalusi animation, players can’t seem to get enough of this pie.

However, while the gameplay itself is fast and furious, with a soundtrack that pushes players to the edge of their seats, the characters contained within this world are the stars of the show. Alongside Peppino Spaghetti, the hero of this adventure, a colorful cast and crew can be found throughout this world. Let’s make-a da Pizza Tower character list, and find out who players can find on their journey.

Every Major Character in Pizza Tower

While Peppino Spaghetti may be the star of the show, there is a colorful cast of bosses and supporting characters that will help the players save their pizzeria from the brink of destruction. Let’s go Mach 3 and make our way into this list, and see who the mastermind behind it all is.

Peppino Spaghetti


Peppino Spaghetti is an overweight, balding Italian man who lived a normal life until the treacherous Pizzaface decided that he was going to explode his pizzeria with a giant laser. Now, using his unnatural speed and jumping abilities, he needs to brave the dangers of the titular Pizza Tower to put an end to this plan.



Serving as a secondary main character, as well as a guide for Peppino, Gustavo is not the Luigi of this story. He’s his own separate person and will be happy to show players just that, alongside his friend Brick. Primarily working as a guide to help players get through the Pizza Tower, things flip on their heads quickly in the story, and players will get the chance to see what Gustavo can do on multiple occasions.

Pepperman – Boss #1


Pepperman is the first of the lackey’s players will find themselves squaring off against, and he’s a bit of a doozy. Half man, and half pepper, Pepperman will stop at nothing to bring the quest of Peppino to a close faster than it could start. Thankfully, since he’s the first boss, he’s going to be one of the easiest to take down.

The Vigilante – Boss #2


Not only is The Vigilante rootin’, but there’s also a chance that he may be tootin’, and oh lord, is he shootin’. While it may seem justified that The Vigilante is ready to exact his vengeance upon Peppino, players cannot stop at anything to prevent their shop from getting absolutely destroyed, and that includes losing to a Cheeseslime with a cowboy hat.

The Noise – Boss #3


If you feel that this character has been seen before in your life, no it hasn’t. The Noise definitely isn’t modeled after a defunct pizza chain icon and is his own original character within the world of Pizza Tower. With his powers, The Noise can pull objects out of thin air and use them against the player in a variety of different ways. Hyperactive and jolly, The Noise may grate your nerves enough to cover a whole pie. Just imagine if he was red instead of yellow, that would be quite hilarious to think about, wouldn’t it?

Fake Peppino – Boss #4


In the battle of the century, Peppino finds himself up against the greatest foe of all: himself. Fake Peppino is the near-final boss of this adventure, and while players may not be able to tell them apart at first, there are a few distinguishable differences to key players off in the right direction, such as Fake Peppino being much taller, and his face melting off as they battle. Just some small differences here, folks.

Pizzaface – Boss #5/Final Boss


The final boss of Pizza Tower, the fitting Pizzaface is exactly what players should expect. It’s a pizza… with a face. That’s about all there is to them, and gamers will need to put their platforming prowess to the test to ensure a victory against this floating pizza. After defeating Pizzaface, characters can finally rest easy… unless?

Pizzahead – Boss #6/TRUE FINAL BOSS


PSYCHE, you thought you were finished? Did you forget that we mentioned Pizzahead at the top of this page? He’s the reason your pizzeria is going to get blown to smithereens, so facing off against this pile of meatballs, all covered in cheese is the final test of your skill. Thankfully, the victory is sweeter than mama’s spaghetti, so strap in for the challenge of a lifetime.

Alongside the countless fodder enemies that players will encounter in their journey, Pizza Tower has something for just about everyone. With a killer soundtrack and excellent animation quality for the hero and pals, Pizza Tower is ready to challenge those hoping for a new adventure in an unfamiliar land. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to take a slice to go in the future.

Pizza Tower is available now on PC.

- This article was updated on February 7th, 2023