All Family Crest locations in God of War Ragnarok

All six are located in one realm

by Christian Bognar

Vanaheim holds many secrets in God of War Ragnarok regarding collectibles and artifacts. Players must journey through this realm to find Family Crests if they want to be a completionist or just explore further. All six are scattered in Vanaheim, and while some are in plain sight, others can be tricky to discover. This guide will provide you with the exact locations on the map to find all six hidden Family Crests.

Where to Find All Six Family Crests

Players must use the boat during the day to reach specific locations to complete the artifact objective. If it is nighttime in your game, make sure you change it to daytime; otherwise, trees will block a pathway to these crests.

Hoenir’s Crest

Hoenir’s Crest is located in Noatun’s Garden, far into the River Delta region. If you reach poison totems, you know that you are close as it is located on the ground next to the right one.


Skirmir’s Crest

Skirmir’s Crest is located west of Freyr’s Camp. It will be next to the Mystic Gateway shown in the image below.


Odin’s Crest

Odin’s Crest is found in the center of the map inside the River Delta region. More specifically, it is inside a small cave-like entrance on the right side of the river.


Freya’s Crest

Freya’s Crest can be found right next to the Mystic Gateway, shown in the image below. It is located south of the River Delta.


Kvasir’s Crest

Kvasir’s Crest can be found within the Veiled Passage. The Veiled Passage is within a small cave-like entrance shown in the image below. Go inside and work your way up; it is found behind a breakable wood barrier.


Hylli’s Crest

Hylli’s Crest is in the Vanir Shrine near the Goddess Falls. Defeat the enemies along the way and bring down the bridge on the right inside the shrine. There is a wooden barrier you need to break, and the Crest is on the other side.


After taking care of these Family Crests, make sure to find all the treasures the game offers. Treasure maps are spread through all nine realms, and in order to 100 percent the game, you will have to do some hunting. Feel free to check out our guides on the Washed Ashore, Vikings Gift, and a Scar is Born treasures to give yourself a nice headstart.

God of War Ragnarok is available now on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

- This article was updated on November 16th, 2022

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