All Hello Kitty Island Adventure Cooking Recipes

Check out all the cooking recipes in Hello Kitty Island Adventure!

by Christian Bognar
Hello Kitty Island Adventure
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One of the best parts about Hello Kitty Island Adventure is the ability to cook. With so many recipes in the game, keeping track of the recipes can be challenging! With this guide, you won’t have any more trouble in the kitchen as it will cover all cooking recipes in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

All Cooking Recipes in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Below you will find all the cooking recipes in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. We have separated the grid for you corresponding to the kitchen appliance. Use the table of contents to quickly jump to the appliance you’re looking for recipes for.

Table of Contents

Oven Recipes

Cinnamon BreadFlour + Cinna Bloom
MacaronFlour + Toasted Almonds
Chocolate BallsFlour + Chocolate Coin
Mama’s Apple PieFlour + Apple
Pineapple Stack CakeFlour + Pineapple
Milk BreadFlour + Coral Milk
Red Bow Apple PieFlour + Magma Bloom + Apple
Strawberry ShortcakeFlour + Strawberry
Sakura CakeFlour + Sakura
PastryFlour + Candy Cloud
Tofu BreadFlour + Tofu

Pizza Oven Recipes

Dessert PizzaRecipe 1: Dough + Sugarkelp
Recipe 2: Dough + Candy Cloud
Fruit PizzaDough + Apple
Alfredo PizzaDough + Coral Milk
Spinip Alfredo PizzaDough + Coral Milk + Spinip
Pumpkin PizzaDough + Pumpkin
Pineapple PizzaDough + Pineapple
Spicy PizzaDough + Cinna Bloom
Tofu PizzaDough + Tofu
Tasty PizzaDough + Toasted Almonds
Veggie PizzaRecipe 1: Dough + Spinip
Recipe 2: Dough + Pumpkin
Ultimate Joke PizzaDough + Pineapple + Tofu

Dessert Maker Recipes

Cinna Ice CreamCinna Bloom + Cactus Cream
Apple Ice CreamApple + Cactus Cream
PuddingCoral Milk + Cuctus Cream
Chocolate Ice CreamCactus Cream + Chocolate Coin
Sweet PuddingSwampmellow + Cactuc Cream
Magma PuddingMagma Bloom + Cactus Cream
Mama’s PuddingCoral Milk + Banana + Cactus Cream
Purple PuddingSpinip + Cactus Cream
Pumpkin PuddingPumpkin + Cactus Cream
Sakura PuddingCactus Cream + Sakura
Pineapple Chocolate PuddingPineapple + Chocolate Coin + Cactus Cream
Tofu PuddingTofu + Cactus Cream
Banana Ice CreamBanana + Cactus Cream
Strawberry Ice CreamStrawberry + Cactus Cream
Ice CreamRecipe 1: Pineapple + Cactus Cream
Recipe 2: Almond + Cactus Cream

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Soda Machine Recipes

Apple SodaFizz Crystal + Apple
Swamp SodaRecipe 1: Fizz Crystal + Pumpkin
Recipe 2: Fizz Crystal + Spinip
Cream SodaFizz Crystal + Coral Milk
Pumpkin Spice SodaFizz Crystal + Cinna Bloom + Pumpkin
Strawberry SodaFizz Crystal + Strawberry
Tropical SodaFizz Crystal + Pineapple
Pineapple Lava SodaFizz Crystal + Pineapple + Magma Bloom
Sakura SodaFizz Crystal + Sakura
Joke SodaFizz Crystal + Tofu
Sweet SodaRecipe 1: Fizz Crystal + Sugarkelp
Recipe 2: Fizz Crystal + Swampmallow
Recipe 3: Fizz Crystal + Candy Cloud
Pochacco Energy PopFizz Crystal + Tofu + Spinip

Espresso Machine Recipes

Candied Banana CoffeeCandlenut + Candy Cloud + Banana
Candlenut CoffeeRecipe 1: Candlenut + Banana
Recipe 2: Candlenut + Apple
Recipe 3: Candlenut + Tofu
ChaiRecipe 1: Candluenut + Cinna Bloom
Recipe 2: Candlenut + Magma Bloom
Chocolate ChaiRecipe 1: Candlenut + Magma Bloom + Chocolate Coin
Recipe 2: Candlenut + Cinna Bloom + Chocolate Coin
Hot CocoaCandlenut + Chocolate Coin + Coral Milk
CappuccinoCandlenut + Coral Milk
MochaCandlenut + Chocolate Coin
PurpleCandlenut + Spinip
Pink LatteCandlenut + Strawberry
Sweet LatteRecipe 1: Candlenut + Swampmallow
Recipe 2: Candlenut + Sugarkelp
Spicy Pumpkin LatteCandlenut + Cinna Bloom + Pumpkin
Toasted Almond CoffeeCandlenut + Toasted Almond

Potion Maker Recipes

Swamp Swimming SpeedSwampmellow + Glow Berry
Deep Diving PotionSugarkelp + Glow Berry
Speedy WalkingTofu + Glow Berry
Stamina PotionApple + Glow Berry
Thermal PotionMagma Bloom + Glow Berry
Mundane PotionRecipe 1: Banana + Glow Berry
Recipe 2: Strawberry + Glow Berry

How to Bake in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

To learn how to bake in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, players must increase their friendship level with Hello Kitty to at least level 2. Afterward, players will have access to the cooking area in the Hello Kitty Cafe and begin to create all these delicious recipes!

Considering so many baking recipes require flour, I recommend raising your friendship level with My Melody or claiming your daily free Flour bag from the Hello Kitty Cafe. Following these two methods will have you swimming in more flour than you know what to do with.

- This article was updated on August 4th, 2023

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