All Honkai Star Rail Paths, Explained

Check out everything you need to know about Honkai: Star Rail's path system.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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Just like on Genshin Impact, the characters on Honkai: Star Rail are divided into 4 and 5-stars, each capable of excelling in their own way based on their Path of choice as well as their overall kits. Now, so that you can get fully ready to excel once the game debuts, here are all Honkai: Star Rail playable paths, explained.

All Honkai: Star Rail Paths, Explained

Honkai: Star Rail features a total of 14 paths, each representing which Aeon a character identifies the most with as well as their optimal role — The Destruction for the Aeon Nanook, The Hunt for Lan, The Erudition for Nous, The Harmony for Xipe, The Nihility for IX, The Preservation for Qlipoth, The Abundance for Yaoshi, The Trailblaze for Akivili, The Voracity for Oroboros, The Elation or Aha, The Beauty for Idrila, The Propagator for Tayzzyronth, The Enigmata for Mythus, and The Rememberance for Fuli.

Out of the 14, The Destruction, Hunt, Erudition, Harmony, Nihility, Preservation, and Abundance paths will have playable representatives once the game debuts.

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You can check out a quick overview of all the represented paths as well as what the main role of their playable representatives will be below:

  • The Destruction: Characters who walk The Destruction path excel when facing enemies by themselves and are suited to work as both main and secondary DPS’.
  • The Hunt: Characters who walk The Hunt path excel in single-target damage and have their high speed and precision as their biggest strengths. Suited to work as main DPS’.
  • The Erudition: Characters who walk The Erudition path excel in their ability to deal massive AoE damage through both their Skills and Ultimates. Suited to work as secondary DPS’
  • The Harmony: Characters who walk The Harmony excel in their ability to support through a wide array of buffs and are suited to work as utility supports.
  • The Nihility: A path walked by characters who have the ability to debuff targets and thus increase both their and the party’s personal damage. Suited to work as offensive supports/secondary DPS’.
  • The Preservation: Characters who walk The Preservation path excel through their ability to protect allies and tank enemy advances efficiently. Suited to work as Tanks.
  • The Abundance: Star Rail’s equivalent to the Healer class, those who travel the path of The Abundance are specialized in providing healing for their allies at low intervals.

Although the Trailblaze, Voracity, Elation, Beauty, Propagator, Enigmata, and Remembrance paths won’t have playable representatives on release, it is very likely that characters identifying with them will be released as the game’s main storyline goes on.

- This article was updated on March 24th, 2023

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