All Hybrid Crops Listed in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

Check out all the hybrid crops in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

by Christian Bognar
Story of Seasons Wonderful Life Hybrid Crops
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Hybrid Crops in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is a mix of two crops players can merge to create a unique crop that sells for more than its base version. Due to the amount of money players can get from creating hybrids, knowing all possible combinations is essential. Read further to learn all crop hybrids in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

Every Crop Hybrid in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

With eight crops that can be used to create hybrids, we have separated all eight into their table below. Here are all hybrids for each crop in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

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All Carrot Hybrids

First CropSecond CropHybridSeasons
CarrotBlue Trick FlowerSweetblueAutumn
CarrotSweet PotatoSwarrotSummer, Autumn
CarrotPotatoPocaroWinter, Spring, Summer
CarrotTurnipCaroturnWinter, Spring, Summer
CarrotMelonCameloSummer, Autumn
CarrotStrawberryCarberryAutumn, Winter, Spring
CarrotWatermelonCarromelSpring, Summer
CarrotTomatoTocarroSpring, Summer, Autumn

All Melon Hybrids

First CropSecond CropHybridSeasons
MelonTurnipTurnmelonSummer, Autumn
MelonPotatoPotameloSummer, Autumn
MelonCarrotCameloSummer, Autumn
MelonSweet PotatoSweetmelSummer, Autumn
MelonTomatoMelotomaSpring, Summer, Autumn
MelonWatermelonMelomeloSpring, Summer
MelonStrawberryBerrymeloAutumn, Winter, Spring
MelonBlue Trick FlowerMeloblueSummer, Autumn

All Potato Hybrids

First CropSecond CropHybridSeason
PotatoCarrotPocaroWinter, Spring, Summer
PotatoSweet PotatoPototoWinter, Spring, Summer
PotatoTomatoPomatoSpring, Summer, Autumn
PotatoWatermelonWatatoSpring, Summer
PotatoStrawberryPoberrytoAutumn, Winter, Spring
PotatoMelonPotameloSummer, Autumn
PotatoTurnipPoturnipWinter, Spring, Summer
PotatoBlue Trick FlowerBluetatoSpring, Winter

All Strawberry Hybrids

First CropSecond CropHybridSeasons
StrawberryMelonBerrymeloAutumn, Winter, Spring
StrawberryTurnipTurnberryAutumn, Winter, Spring
StrawberryPotatoPoberrytoAutumn, Winter, Spring
StrawberryCarrotCarberryAutumn, Winter, Spring
StrawberrySweet PotatoStrawsweetAutumn, Winter, Spring
StrawberryTomatoBerrytomaAutumn, Spring, Summer
StrawberryWatermelonStrawmeloAutumn, Spring, Summer
StrawberryBlue Trick FlowerStrawblueySpring, Autumn, winter

All Sweet Potato Hybrids

First CropSecond CropHybridSeasons
Sweet PotatoCarrotSwarrotSummer, Autumn
Sweet PotatoTomatoSweetomaSpring, Summer, Autumn
Sweet PotatoWatermelonMelosweetSpring, Summer
Sweet PotatoStrawberryStrawstreetAutumn, Winter, Spring
Sweet PotatoBlue Trick FlowerCarroblueAutumn, Winter
Sweet PotatoPotatoPototoWinter, Spring, Summer
Sweet PotatoTurnipSweeturnWinter, Spring, Summer
Sweet PotatoMelonSweetmelSummer, Autumn

All Tomato Hybrids

First CropSecond CropHybridSeason
TomatoTurnipTunmatoSpring, Summer, Autumn
TomatoWatermelonGreetomaSpring, Summer, Autumn
TomatoStrawberryBerrytomaSpring, Summer, Autumn
TomatoMelonMelotomaSpring, Summer, Autumn
TomatoPotatoPomatoSpring, Summer, Autumn
TomatoCarrotTocarroSpring, Summer, Autumn
TomatoSweet PotatoSweetomaSpring, Summer, Autumn
TomatoBlue Trick FlowerBluematoSpring, Summer Autumn

All Turnip Hybrids

First CropSecond CropHybridSeaon
TurnipPotatoPoturnipWinter, Spring, Summer
TurnipCarrotCaroturnWinter, Spring, Summer
TurnipSweet PotatoSweeturnWinter, Spring, Summer
TurnipTomatoTurnmatoSpring, Summer, Autumn
TurnipWatermelonWaturnipSpring, Summer
TurnipStrawberryTurnberryAutumn, Winter, Spring
TurnipMelonTurnmelonSummer, Autumn
TurnipBlue Trick FlowerTurnblueSummer, Autumn, Winter

All Watermelon Hybrids

First CropSecond CropHybridSeasons
WatermelonBlue Trick FlowerWaterblueSpring, Summer
WatermelonTomatoGreetomaSpring, Summer, Autumn
WatermelonSweet PotatoMelosweetSpring, Summer
WatermelonCarrotCarromelSpring, Summer
WatermelonPotatoWatatoSpring, Summer
WatermelonTurnipWaturnipSpring, Summer
WatermelonMelonMelomeloSpring, Summer
WatermelonStrawberryStrawmeloSpring, Summer, Autumn

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How to Start Creating Hybrid Crops in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

To start creating hybrids in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, you must talk to Vinnie in Takakura’s House. At the beginning of year 2, Takakura will invite you into his home, where you will get the chance to meet Vinnie, a plant-like NPC.

Keep conversing with Vinnie, who will eventually ask you if you want to mix seeds. Inform Vinnie that you would like to mix seeds, and the mechanic of creating hybrids will become available!

When the mixing mechanic becomes available, you will have the opportunity to select two crops that you want to mix. While only sometimes successful, if it is, you will receive a seed bag for the hybrid crop.

How to Sell Items in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

Selling items and crops in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is straightforward, as Takakura does most of the work for you. To successfully sell, place your items in the orange shipping bin located in the Forgotten Valley.

After placing the items in the bin, Takakura will take your items to the city and sell them for you the following day. When Takakura returns from the city after selling your items, your profits will be in the deposit box next to your front door.

Another way to sell your items is by selling them to Van, an NPC that appears every eighth and final day of the season. While a pain he only shows up on some days, the good news is that he will buy mostly anything from you that you have in your inventory for market price.

Lastly, you can set up a shop to sell your crops. Head to the Plaza and stand on the circular stone design to open a shop. The option “Open Shop” will appear; select it to get started. I recommend setting up the shop between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM, as this time slot will have the most customers visiting your store to purchase goods.

- This article was updated on August 3rd, 2023

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