All Marriage Candidates in Sun Haven: Romance, Dating, Proposing, and More

Marry your love interest in Sun Haven!

by Christian Bognar
Sun Haven How to Get Married and Marriage Candidates
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Sun Haven, a Stardew Valley look alike, has a lot of great features included, and one of those features includes romance. Everyone loves romance in a simulation game as it adds some realistic mechanics. Sun Haven romance is pretty in-depth and can get confusing on how to reach the marriage stage successfully. This guide will cover all candidates, how to start dating, what players must complete to earn the marriage stage, and the benefits of romance.

Marriage Candidates in Sun Haven

Sun Haven allows players to choose one of fourteen candidates to start a romance. These candidates are listed below.

  • Anne
  • Catherine
  • Claude
  • Darius
  • Donovan
  • Iris Vaan
  • Lucia
  • Liam
  • Lynn
  • Nathaniel
  • Jun
  • Kitty
  • Wornhardt
  • Xyla

How to Date in Sun Haven

Once you find one of the fourteen characters mentioned above and aim to start a romance with them, you must raise their friendship bar by giving them gifts. Keep giving gifts until they gain a certain amount of friendship hearts, and a date appears in the form of a new side quest. The quest consists of meeting the NPC at a specific location and will open up the doors for an official romance—in other words, boyfriend, and girlfriend.

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How to Propose in Sun Haven

Keep the gifts coming, and once you reach level 15 in hearts for the friendship level, the option for marriage will open up! Follow the steps below to propose to your love interest successfully.

  • Reach level 15 in hearts.
  • Use the Wedding Ring item to propose, which is sold by Bernard.
  • The player can not be married to another NPC.
  • Listen for cues in dialogue that hint at the NPC wanting to be married—they are evident, and once an NPC makes the statement, it is time to propose.

Marriage and Rewards

Once the proposal goes well, the wedding will take place the next day at 4 PM northeast of town to the left of the Dragon Train. Arrive here and watch the wedding scene to complete the romance process. Congratulations!

After marriage, the game will reward players with the Enchanted Wedding Ring item, which grants +30 Health, +30 Mana, and +20% experience gain. This is a huge boost and is considered one of the best rings currently in Sun Haven.

Additionally, players will open up the heart cap for friendship level, raising it from 15 to 20 and opening up a whole new dialogue cycle with their wife or husband NPC.

- This article was updated on March 22nd, 2023

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