All NIKKE Lost Relic Locations (Chapter 1)

These relics are not well hidden...

by Davi Braid

In Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, players can explore a map in each chapter where they may stumble upon locations that contain Lost Relics.

These relics are secret items, and their exact locations can be easily missed. Discovering them is like a mini-game within NIKKE, where players need to scour each chapter’s map in search of relics. Have you found all Lost Relics in Chapter 1? We have. Here’s where they are.

Where to Find All Chapter 1 Lost Relics in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE on Normal

Chapter 1 has a total of 5 relics, three in Normal mode and two in Hard mode, which you unlock after the fourth chapter of the campaign. Here is the location of all Relics in Normal Mode:


The first one is located just after you start, before you get to the road. This relic works as part of the tutorial, pretty much to let you know that Relics are a thing.

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The second one is pretty much on your path. Before turning left on the road, there’s a building on the right side where you will find the second relic of Chapter 1.

The third Relic is easy to miss if you rush through the chapter. Although it glows on the ground, moving straight to the boss battle might make you miss it. Check the buildings to the north right before the road bifurcates.

Where to Find All Chapter 1 Lost Relics in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE on Hard Mode

As mentioned above, the location of the Chapter 1 relics in Hard Mode is not the same. There are only two relics to find this time, and they are right at the beginning of the stage.


The first one is hidden at the bottom of the map. Just go all the way south and you won’t miss it. The other Relic is located on the road. Once you pass the second gate, make a left turn.

- This article was updated on November 9th, 2023

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