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by Christian Bognar
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Overwatch 2 endorsement system creates a way to appreciate the player’s on your team and applaud them for a job well done during the match. The great thing about this system is that those who endorse others and receive endorsements will be granted in-game rewards! Here is everything you need to know about Overwatch 2 endorsement system, including how to participate and all rewards included.

Rewards for Overwatch 2 Endorsement Levels

There are two rewards that the endorsement system provides. These include a nice shoutout from your teammate, but most importantly, additional battle pass experience points. Receiving and maintaining a high endorsement level will reward you with bonus experience points to help you climb through the Battle Pass levels faster. Handing out endorsements to other players will also reward you with experience points.

The number of experience points you receive from endorsements depends on your endorsement level, which ranges from 1 to 5. The higher the endorsement level, the higher the experience points you will receive from each match.

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How to Endorse Players and Receive Endorsements

Endorsements can be handed out to teammates at the end of each match by clicking on their names and selecting endorse. The game allows you to hand out two endorsements at the end of each match.

To receive an endorsement is really up to your teammate and comes down to leaving a good impression on them during the match. To increase your chances of receiving an endorsement, ensure you do well in your match and say positive words in the chat box when messaging them.

Regarding the Endorsement System, it is essential to know that friends cannot be endorsed and have to be strangers on your team. Also, you cannot endorse the same player twice within 12 hours — so if you think a player deserves a second endorsement, you will have to wait until the 12-hour period is over.

How to Check Endorsement Level

Players can check their endorsement level by visiting the Career Profile page. Go to Overview, where the Endorsement Level will show under the tab.

If you want to check other players’ endorsement levels, you can do so by heading to the Social Menu screen. Right-click on any of your friends or teammates, and their endorsement level will show beside their name.

- This article was updated on April 24th, 2023

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