All Overwatch 2 Season 3 Battle Pass Skins

Hey, where'd Cassidy go?

by Tom Cunliffe
Chasa Reaper Overwatch Skin
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

New skins are arguably the most exciting part of a new Overwatch 2 Battle Pass, and Season Three does not disappoint. Along with a new map, Season three offers ten exclusive skins in its Battle Pass, including a customizable Mythic Kiriko skin. Below, you can view every Overwatch 2 Season Three Battle Pass skin and the inspiration behind each cultural outfit.

Every Skin in Overwatch 2 Season 3’s Battle Pass

Chasa Reaper


Chasa Reaper is a Legendary skin and is in Tier 1 of Overwatch 2 Season 3’s Battle Pass. His design is based on the Korean myth Chasa Bonpuri, which tells the tale of the death god Gangim.

Black Metal Junker Queen


Black Metal Junker Queen is also a Legendary skin in Tier 1. Her shotgun is decorated with bones, and her axe, Carnage, is an incredible-looking electric guitar.

Deluxe Baptiste


Deluxe Baptiste is an Epic skin in Tier 10 of the Battle Pass. This premium-feeling skin features shiny gold and red coloring with an intricate design on the chest and abdomen. If Baptiste had a shopping trip at the Gucci store, this is precisely what you’d expect.

Invisible Man Cassidy


Invisible Man Cassidy is a Legendary skin in Tier 20 of the Battle Pass. Cassidy has lost his head in this skin but was kind enough to wear goggles and a fedora and smoke a cigar to ensure he can still be headshot. The gap between his glove and the end of his sleeve is also invisible à la Rayman.

Folklórica Sombra


Folklórica Somba is an Epic skin in Tier 30 of the Battle Pass. This skin is based on baile folklórico (folkloric dance), a Mexican tradition in which choreographed dancers dress up in brightly colored clothing.

Demon Queen Moira


Demon Queen Moira is a Legendary skin in Tier 40 of the Battle Pass. This skin is based on Rangda, a demon queen in Balinese mythology. Rangda’s mask can be seen on Moira’s back, with an ominous jar representing her tongue.

This skin is particularly fitting to Moira’s character, as the battle depicted between Rangda and Barong represents the neverending conflict between good and evil.

Tactical Zarya


Tactical Zarya is an Epic skin in Tier 50 of the Battle Pass. Zarya sports silver hair and a blue and black version of her Overwatch 2 outfit. A blackwork hexagonal patterned tattoo can be seen on her left arm.

Hong Hai Er Junkrat


Hong Hai Er Junkrat is a Legendary skin in Tier 60 of the Battle Pass. This skin is based on the character of the same name from Journey to the West. In the 16th-century novel, Hong Hai Er (Red Boy) is the brother of Sun Wukong and the protector of the Firey Mountains.

Galactic Sigma


Galactic Sigma is an Epic skin in Tier 70 of the Battle Pass. An impressive nebula texture can be seen throughout Sigma’s body, with his skin an ice-blue color. He’s also rocking a bushy white beard, which suits him quite well.

Amaterasu Kiriko


Amaterasu Kirko is a Mythic skin and the final Battle Pass reward at Tier 80. This skin is based on the Japanese sun god Amaterasu and, like other Mythic skins, is customizable. Players chose between two weapons, three crowns, three hairstyles, and three color schemes. Achieving this tier also unlocks a matching Spray and Player Icon.

New skins, such as Beekeeper Sigma and Takoyaki Zenyatta, are also available to purchase separately through the in-game shop. A future collaboration event with One-Punch Man will also occur during Season Three. And yes, they did pick who you think they did for Saitama.

Overwatch 2 is available now for PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on February 7th, 2023