All Paleo Pines Ancient Tablet Fragments Locations

The ancient secrets reveal the Parasaurolophus.

by Alex Huebner , Diego Perez
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Your first interactions in Paleo Pines reveal your character’s intentions to find the missing Parasaurolophus heard to learn more about Lucky, your trusty steed. The key to doing this is finding the Parasaurolophus puzzle through the ancient tablet fragments found scattered across the three main areas of the world.

Dinosaur Prep for Hunting Ancient Tablet Fragments

Before you head off trying to find them all, you will want to have the right dinosaur helpers following you. You’ll need the wild skills slasher, stomper, and smasher. It was easiest for me to find and use Styracosaurus, Ankylosaurus, and Kentrosaurus.

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The Styracosaurus is part of one of the earliest missions anyway so as long as you have their pen prepared and given other styracosaurus pen mates, feed them, give them treats and Poppins, and have them follow you around as you complete missions, they will be a helper in no time without having to find and befriend another.

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Ankylosaurus are the only stompers you have access to early in the game. As for the Kentrosaurus are as easy to find as any other slasher dino, but they are a herd animal, meaning they can be happily penned with other types of herbivores instead of having to befriend multiple Kentrosaurus.

Veridian Valley Ancient Tablet Fragment Locations

This is the main area right outside of your ranch. There are eight ancient fragments total and a tablet to be found here. The piece by the windmill will only be found once it is restored.

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Dapplewood Ancient Tablet Fragment Locations

In the forest of Dapplewood, there are seven ancient fragments plus the tablet. As long as you still have your helper dinosaurs with you, you should be able to access all of these locations. You will only be able to find the tablet during the Jurassos and Cretumnus seasons.

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Ariacotta Canyon Ancient Tablet Fragment Locations

The canyons have the least amount of fragments at only five, plus the final tablet. The only dinosaur you will need for this area is a smasher to break some rocks in one area. The rest are easily obtained. Once you have all the ancient tablet fragments, speak to Zara and you’ll be able to hear the full Parasaurolophus puzzle and solve it!

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- This article was updated on October 31st, 2023

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