All Platforms To Play Super People: PC, Xbox & Playstation Explained

Where can you jump into the action? Find out here!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re looking for a new title to blow off some steam with, Super People may be what you’re looking for. Gone are the days of being a lumbering soldier, as you’ll have super-powered abilities at your fingertips. Being able to upgrade your soldier and build weapons is something unique to the genre, especially when most Battle Royale games put survival first and foremost.

However, if you’re looking to get into this game, you may be wondering what platforms you’ll be able to download and play it on. Let’s dive right into the details and find out where you’ll have the best time playing Super People, and how to get your hands on this new Free To Play title!

Where Can You Play Super People?

If you’re looking to dive into the battle, make sure that you’re ready to clear out a bit of space on your PC, as it is currently the only platform that Super People is available on. While this may be a bit disappointing to those that are playing on a console, there is a good chance that if the game finds its proper audience that it will make its way onto your PlayStation or Xbox of choice.

As the game is continuously being worked on, you’ll find that there are a few features that are currently missing from this up-and-coming Battle Royale title. One of these features would be any form of controller support, meaning that you’ll need to use your mouse and keyboard for any sort of action. This is a feature that we are likely to see make an appearance in the future.

Is Super People Coming To Consoles?

Currently, there is really no news on this title making its way onto the PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo family of consoles. However, since the title is still quite new and in its growing stages, there is a chance that we may see it make its way onto our favorite system in the future. There is plenty of work that can be done to this title yet, so making sure that it’s ready to go before release is always a good thing.

With this title being the first big release by Wonder People, we may need to patiently wait for our turn to jump into the action. There may be a specific reason why they weren’t available to release at the same time, or there just may not be any plans to bring it to a home console. Only time will tell, and if its audience grows, we may see it sooner than expected!

Make sure that you’re ready to jump into the battle by checking into our Super People Guide Section, so you’re always ready to jump into the action!

Super People is available now on PC.

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