All Playable Characters in Splatoon 3

Is Splatoon 3 for squids only?

by Marc Magrini


Splatoon 3 offers incredible customization opportunities. Players can change nearly anything they want about their character, from gear and equipment to their very own hairstyle. Since this title is focused on multiplayer modes, it’s likely that fans will want to stick out as much as possible. This includes the type of character they can play as. In previous games, the choice was limited to the squid-like Inklings without providing more money for DLC. With that in mind, one can only wonder what playable characters are offered by Splatoon 3.

What can Fans Pick for Playable Characters in Splatoon 3?

This time around, fans of Splatoon 3 can choose to play as Inklings or Octolings right from the get-go. Octolings were previously only available as part of Splatoon 2’s paid DLC, but the choice in this newest title is given as soon as you boot up the game. In fact, it’s the first customization choice you’ll make. When asked to select a style, you’ll see icons featuring which choices cover Inklings and which choices cover Octolings. These choices are featured in the special Splatfest demo, letting players get a feel for which choice fits them best. You can also change this selection at any time by heading over to Player Settings in the Options menu; press the + button in Splatsville to reach that option and confirm your choice to remake your character!

Currently, the demo does not feature any other playable races or characters. If Splatoon 3 is anything like previous Splatoon titles, one can expect that you won’t be able to play as any named characters. These facts might change in the single-player campaign or in large-scale DLC similar to Octo Expansion, but don’t expect to see Sheldon or the Squid Sisters being used by other players. It should be noted that what you choose to play as doesn’t have any bearing on your ability during fights, but you might as well look fresh while you splat your foes!

Splatoon 3 will launch as a Nintendo Switch exclusive on September 9, 2022.

- This article was updated on August 26th, 2022

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