All Pre-Registration Rewards for Tower of Fantasy

Wondering what the pre-registration rewards are?

by Gordon Bicker


Tower of Fantasy is on the horizon for many excited fans and people are looking forward to getting more information about the experience. There is not too long to wait now before players will be able to enjoy everything that the game has for them. Of course, you can pre-register for the game at this very moment and there are a lot of benefits to doing so. For example, the community pre-registering all tallies up together, and pre-registration rewards are unlocked based on how many global pre-registrations there are. This guide article will take you through all of the known pre-registration rewards for Tower of Fantasy.

Pre-Registration Rewards for Tower of Fantasy

There are many pre-registration rewards that have already been achieved by the community and there are likely many more still to be gathered. At specific milestones, pre-registration rewards are unlocked for players. The table below will take you through the milestones that we know about and what the rewards are.

Pre-Registration Number/Milestone Pre-registration Rewards
500,000 Avatar Frame, 2x Black Nucleus, 2888 Gold, 10x Wholegrain Bread
1,000,000 “Aida Trailblazer” Limit Title, 10x Fried Chicken, x4 Weapon Battery, x3 Black Nucleus
1,500,000 Exclusive Avatar, 3888 Gold,  x10 Sizzling Meat, x3 Gold Nucleus
2,000,000 X4 Weapon Battery, Jetpack Paint (Orion), x10 Crispy Grilled Fish, x3 Gold Nucleus
2,500,000 Star Sand Outfit, 6888 Gold, x10 Nut Tea, x4 Gold Nucleus
3,000,000 X5 Black Nucleus, x10 Dark Crystal, x10 Caterpillar Fungus Noodles, Beauty Restore Voucher

As of the time of writing, the experience has over 2.53 million pre-registrations and that number is exponentially increasing all of the time. As with other games, these pre-registration rewards are certainly offering a lot and it will be excellent to claim them when the game is released for players.

Tower of Fantasy is scheduled for release later this year for the platforms of Android, IOS, and PC.

- This article was updated on July 22nd, 2022

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