All Purrfect Tale Cooking Recipes and Ingredients(November 2022)

Let's get cooking!

by Kara Phillips


As far as cute gaming goes, cooking is integral to gameplay. So cooking is essential whether you satisfy your townsfolk with a homecooked meal in Disney Dreamlight Valley or curating culinary masterpieces to save you from blacking out in the mines of Stardew Valley. Although Purrfect Tale doesn’t rely on cooking as an essential part of its gameplay, it’s still an entertaining feature. So read on to find out everything there is to know about cooking in this cutesy cat collector.

Every Recipe in Purrfect Tale

Cooking in Purrfect Tale is as simple as gathering a few ingredients, walking up to your preferred cooking utensil, and trying your hardest to create something edible. Like Breath of the Wild, you can mess around with quantities in each recipe and test the outcome, but luckily Purrfect Tale has no Dubious Food items on the menu. Instead, using incorrect ingredients will dish up Chinese Stew.

There are four potential cooking utensils within this adorable cat-based game, so whether you prefer to use the Bamboo Steamer, the Wok, the Stockpot, or the Frying Pan, there is ample opportunity to put your culinary skills to the test.

The tables below list every potential recipe within Purrfect Tale under their appropriate cooking utensil and the necessary ingredients. While most recipes revolve around similar elements, adjusting quantities can produce a surprising new product that may satisfy your feline friends.

Bamboo Steamer Pot Recipes

Recipe Ingredients
Bamboo Steamer Shrimp  x4 Fish
Mashed Potato  x1 Potato x1 Flour
Steamed Bun  x1 Flour
Vegetarian Spring Roll  x1 Flour x1 Egg x1 Carrot
Foo Young Steamed Egg  x4 Egg
Salmon Rice Ball  x1 Fish x1 Flour
Piggy Bun  x2 Flour 2x Carrot
Soup Bun  1x Flour 1x Pork
Chinese Hamburger  x1 Flour x1 Carrot x1 Pork
Steamed Pork with Rice Powder  x1 Flour x1 Pork x1 Potato
Liangpi Noodles  x1 Flour x1 Carrot x1 Chilli

Wok Recipes

Recipe Ingredients
Dough Fritters x1 Flour
Fried Zigzag Potato x1 Potato
Fried Sweet Rice Ball x3 Flour
Stir-Fried Shredded Potato x3 Potato
Crispy Fried Pork x3 Flour x3 Pork
Crispy Sweet and Sour Pork x1 Potato x1 Pork
Braised Pork x1 Potato x1 Pork
Yangzhou Fried Rice x1 Carrot x1 Egg x1 Scallion
Fish Flavoured Shredded Pork  x1 Carrot x1 Pork x1 Sugar x1 Vinegar
Braised Pork Ball x1 Pork x1 Flour x1 Oil
French Fries x3 Potato
Golden Corn  x1 Corn x1 Flour x1 Sugar

Stockpot Recipes

Recipe Ingredients
Glutinous Rice Balls x1 Flour
Dumpling  x1 Flour x1 Carrot x1 Pork
Plain Noodles  x1 Flour
Tomato Pork Ribs Soup  x1 Pork x1 Tomato
Milky Fish Soup  x1 Fish x1 Milk
Borscht  x1 Carrot x1 Potato x1 Pork
Congee with Pork and Century Egg  x1 Pork x1 Egg
Black Bean Sauce Noodles  x1 Flour x1 Pork x1 Carrot x1 Soy Sauce
Hot Pot  x1 Pork x1 Fish x1 Oil x1 Potato
Sukiyaki  x1 Corn x1 Fish x1 Pork
Minced Pork Rice  x1 Pork x1 Potato x1 Egg x1 Soy Sauce
Army Stew  x1 Chilli x1 Carrot x1 Potato x1 Flour
Saghetti  x1 Pork x1 Tomato x1 Flour
Oden  x1 Flour x1 Fish x1 Corn

Frying Pan Recipes

Recipe Ingredient
Omelete  1x Egg 1x Flour 1x Scallion
Dough Stick Pancake  1x Flour 1x Egg
Handheld Savoury Pancake  1x Egg 1x Flour
Sunny Side Up Eggs  1x Egg
Potato Pancake  1x Potato 1x Flour

Recipes will be ‘unlocked’ each time you place the right ingredients into the utensil. If you put the correct elements but get the quantity wrong, you’ll receive Chinese Stew. The best way to continuously unlock recipes is to adjust the quantity of each ingredient until you have a positive outcome.

Purrfect Tale is available on Android and iOS.

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