All Sinners in Path To Nowhere Ranked Tier List

The best Sinners in the game.

by Christian Bognar
Path to Nowhere Sinners Tier List
Image: AISNO Games

Path to Nowhere has close to 50 sinners to choose from, each falling into one of 6 roles. These roles include Catalyst, Fury, Reticle, Umbra, Arcane, and Endura, each specializing in specific abilities and traits. Who is considered the best of the best of all these sinners? We have you covered with our ranked tier list.

Sinners in Path to Nowhere, Ranked

For a brief description of each role, know that Catalysts help provide buffs, Endura is the team’s tanks, Fury will take the enemy head on focusing on damage, Umbra help with mobility, Reticle help with damage from a distance, and Arcane focus on explosive damage.

Considering each sinner can be helpful depending on circumstance, we won’t go lower than the B tier. This is our opinion of who is the strongest and has the best outcome. Here is our ranked tier list in the table below.

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SAriel, Hamel, Machiatto, Chameleon.Chelsea, Demon, Kava-Kava, KK.Wendy, Che, Nox, Zoya, Pacassi, Mess.Crache, Labyrinth, Serpent, BaiYi.EMP, Langley, Pricilla, RouLecca, Summer.Luvia, Ray, Victoria, Hecate, Eirene, Astrologer.
AAnne, Fox.Peggy, Demolia.Ninety-Nine, Dolly, Horo, Hella.Gekkabijin, Tetra.Flora, Wolverine.Ignis, Oliver, Joan.
BLisa.Cinnabar.Pepper.Sumire, Iren.Kelvin.

S Tier

This tier consists of all heavy hitters on which players will focus their choices. What makes them so special is their buffs, such as Hammel, who has a move where her base attack restores around 16 percent of HP to all surrounding allies, and then there’s Ariel, who can deal a devastating 110 percent of her base attack as magic.

There are no wrong choices here as each can make a massive difference during battle and will heal allies so you can survive longer.

A Tier

This tier consists of sinners who fill each of the six roles perfectly. Under the fury role, Hella has a double attack that will grant her a 20% bonus towards attack power increasing damage output. And then, on the other hand, you have Demolia, who is considered an Endura, who will gain 4% of her HP whenever an ally casts their ultimate move.

The talent doesn’t stop there either, as each member in this tier brings abilities that can be extremely helpful when you are in a pinch. They make great teammates and can be considered S-tier with a player who has high skill.

B Tier

Considering there are no terrible Sinners in the game, sinners who fall under this category aren’t bad choices. They just are not as good. You will still find some helpful sinners here, though, with powerful abilities. Regardless, switch them out for higher-tier choices as you progress.

Lisa can help you decrease the movement speed of your opponent, while Pepper will increase her attack speed through her ultimate. Combining these two can have you dealing more damage while taking less damage.

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- This article was updated on February 21st, 2023