Civ 6 Tier List | Full Civilization 6 Leader Tier List

Which leaders are best?

by Christian Bognar

Civilization 6 is a highly praised strategy game that requires patience and intelligent decision-making to come out on top. This game can take months to master, but players can speed up the process quicker if they know who to choose for their leader. While there are numerous leaders to select depending on playstyle, there is consensus on who is best in the game. Below is a tier list of all the leaders currently available in Civ 6 and a brief description of each tier.

Ranking All Leaders in Civilization 6

Below is a ranking of all the leaders in Civilization 6. Keep reading to find out what each tier means down below.

SAlexander (Macedon), Basil II (Byzantium), Frederick Barbarossa (Germany), Montezuma (Aztec), Peter (Russia), Hoji Tokimune (Japan), Pericles (Greece), Seondeok (Korea), Simon Bolivar (Gran Columbia), Wilfrid Laurier (Canada), Trajan (Rome).
ACatherine de Medici – Black Queen (France), Cleopatra (Egypt), Philip II (Spain), Amanitore (Nubia), Cyrus (Persia), Eleanor of Aquitaine (England), Genghis Khan (Mongolia), Kupe (Maori), John Curtin (Australia), Matthias Corvinus (Hungary), Menelik II (Europe), Pedro II (Brazil), Saladin (Arabia).
BCatherine de Medici – Magnificence (France), Gigamesh (Sumerian), Gorgo (Greece), Gitarja (Indonesia), Jayarvaman VII (Khmer), Kristina (Sweden), Lady Six Sky (Maya), Kublai Khan (Mongolia), Mansa Musa (Mali), Pachacuti (Inca), Qin Shi Huang (China), Sulemain (Ottomans), Shaka (Zulu), Teddy Roosevelt – Rough Rider (America), Victoria (England).
CTomyris (Scythia), Teddy Roosevelt – Bull Moose (America), Poundmaker (Cree), Ba Trieu (Vietnam), Chandragupta (India), Hammurabi (Babylon), Harald Hardrada (Norway), Joao III (Portugal), Jadwiga (Poland), Kublai Khan (China).
DDido (Phoenicia), Gandhi (India), Tamar (Georgia), Ambiorix (Gaul), Lautaro (Mapuche), Mvemba a Nzinga (Kongo), Robert the Bruce (Scotland).

S Tier

These are the best leaders in the game. More likely than not, these leaders will do great in any circumstance they find themselves in. Their unmatched tactics can lead to great bonuses for having them at the helm.

A Tier

Leaders that fall under this category are a great choice but are missing a component preventing them from being higher on this list. Battles may be more difficult against others during multiplayer if they have an S-tier leader, requiring more thought and strategy. Don’t get me wrong, though; these leaders are strong as all get out, and if you can master their tactics, you will succeed.

B Tier

These leaders have some great qualities but should be switched out for the higher-level tiers. They are worth pursuing but don’t have any tactics that outweigh what the A tier and S tier possess. This makes it an incredible challenge for multiplayer purposes when you are against players with stronger leaders.

C Tier

Going into C Tier, these are the leaders you want to avoid if you have the choice. They are alright, but when it comes to abilities and bonuses, you don’t get much out of them.

D Tier

This tier level is leaders that are considered the worst in the game. You can do well with any leader if you are good enough, but these should be avoided at all costs, especially if you’re a new player. All other leaders higher up are more well-rounded when it comes to perks than what you will find in this tier level.

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Civilization VI is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 2nd, 2023

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