All Spirits in Moonstone Island and Where to Find Them

Here's every Spirit in Moonstone Island and every Spirit Type.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

There are 66 Spirits in total in Moonstone Island and you can catch ’em all. Of course, you’ll need a Spirit Barn or two, but you can catch all 66 Spirits by exploring every island biome and finding them in the wild. Here are all the Spirits, Spirit Types, and how to catch them.

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All Spirit Types in Moonstone Island

There are eight Spirit Types in Moonstone Island: Water, Fire, Earth, Ice, Poison, Electric, Dark, and Psychic. Unfortunately, you can’t catch boss Spirits because that would break the game.

In my experience, you’ll only find the Spirit Type on the associated island biome. For example, if you are on a poison island, you’ll find poison Spirit Types. You’ll also want to collect at least one of every Spirit Type to get Spirit resources like clay.

Every game starts out on Moonstone Island, but the islands that appear outside it are always randomized. However, they are randomized while also keeping the same difficulty scale.

For example, the first island you find outside Moonstone Island will never be a Fire island because that island features much higher level Spirits. Instead, you’ll likely encounter Water and Earth which are easy, then Poison and Electric which are hard, then Fire and Ice which are more difficult, then Dark and Psychic which is the hardest.

How to Catch All Spirits in Moonstone Island

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The only way to catch every Spirit in Moonstone Island is to spend skill points on taming higher-level Spirits. You’ll earn skill points as you win more fights and catch more Spirits. Spend them on the upgrade that allows you to catch higher-level Spirits so you can eventually catch every Spirit Type.

As you venture further and further out, you’ll discover islands that have more dangerous biomes and higher-level Spirits. Of course, you’ll also need to know how to tame wild Spirits.

In my experience, Earth and Water islands are the closest to Moonstone Island. From there, you’ll find Poison and Electric then Fire and Ice islands next. Lastly, you’ll find Dark and Psychic islands the furthest away from Moonstone Island.

Here are all the Spirits in Moonstone Island. I wish there were more Ice Spirits, but maybe more will be added into the game at a later date.


Of course, Moonstone Island isn’t all about collecting Spirits. If you’re having a hard time remembering when your dates are, check out our guide.

- This article was updated on September 27th, 2023

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