All Starting Hub Secrets in Demonologist

Did you find the ancient secret Viking message? It was sent by Norse Code.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you looking for all starting hub secrets in Demonologist? What sets Demonologist apart from other ghost hunting games is the ability to purchase new starting hubs to keep the game fresh. In addition, the game includes spooky secrets and easter eggs, and all three starting hubs have some for you to experience.

All Starting Hub Location Secrets in Demonologist

You need to have a working microphone to trigger all secrets in each starting hub location. We’ll begin with the default starting location and explain additional locations in the order you unlock them based on their cost.

Poor House Secrets in Demonologist

There are four secrets for you to find in the Poor House starting hub.

Bathroom Secret

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Head to the bathroom, and you will find the word “Banshee” carved into the side of the tub. Say the word, and you will be treated to a jump scare.

Fakirhane Secret

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You will find the word “Fakirhane” written above the light switch next to the kitchen. The game developers are from Turkey, and Fakirhane means my humble home in Turkish.

Dining Room Secret

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You will find a lighthouse picture in the dining room with the words “Show Me” written on it. Speak the words, head to the living room, and then look out the window to the right of the lamp.

Si-Yu Secret

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You can purchase a kitty named Si-Yu for your Poor House starting hub. If you watch Si-Yu for ten minutes, you will find that she gets fatter in size roughly every 3 minutes.

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Pub Secrets in Demonologist

There are two secrets for you to find in the Pub starting hub.

Beer Secret

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You will find posters on the Pub walls stating today is beer day. So go ahead and order yourself a cold brew by saying “Beer” into your microphone.

Piano Secret

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You will find a piano sitting up against one of the pub walls. If you say the word “Piano” into your microphone, it will start playing on its own.

Lighthouse Secrets in Demonologist

There is only one secret at the Lighthouse starting hub for you to find.

Graveyard Secret


You will find a stone statue with the word “Volcano” inscribed. Over-pronouncing the word vol-kay-now was the best way to trigger this secret.

- This article was updated on April 12th, 2023

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