All Tagilla Spawn Locations in Escape from Tarkov

I fear no man, but that thing, it scares me

by J.T. Isenhour


As development for Escape From Tarkov continues, in-game events seem to evolve more and more. With last year’s Christmas event we have Scav Santa bringing us gifts in raids and now we have Reaper Tagilla coming to claim the souls of PMCs. Since Tagilla is a bit special this Halloween season, many players are trying to hunt him down and farm him for special drops. Let’s go over where you can find Tagilla in Escape From Tarkov.

Tagilla Spawn Locations in Escape From Tarkov

Normally, you can find Tagilla patrolling around Factory in Escape From Tarkov. But during the Halloween 2022 event, Tagilla is everywhere. Not only will you be able to find him in his normal spots on Factory but he is also spawning anywhere that other Scav Bosses can spawn across Tarkov.

There are also some spots outside of Scav Boss spawns that Tagilla can spawn as, so don’t be surprised if you go to loot your favorite money-making spot and you find Tagilla along the way waiting to greet you. On top of any normal Scav Boss spawn location, you can also find Tagilla on Lighthouse and Labs.

On Lighthouse, you can find Tagilla at the two Chalet houses up on the cliffside and out on the small lighthouse island. While on Labs, you can find Tagilla anywhere on the first or second floors of the map. Tagilla also has a few extra locations he can spawn on Woods that are outside of Shturman’s spawn location. You might find Tagilla at the Scav Bunker, the Red House, and the Spine Rocks as you venture through Woods.

Although having a buff man in a welding mask sprinting at you with a sledgehammer is normally scary enough in Escape From Tarko,. Tagilla has received a slight makeover for this event. He has traded in his normal sledgehammer for a reapers scythe and has taken off his regular class 6 welding mask for the series of new Japanese masks that were recently added to the game.

While you tragically can’t loot the scythe off of Tagilla, you can take the mask if you managed to kill him before he kills you. If you are going Tagilla hunting you may want to check out our shotgun ammo guide as you will find yourself getting up close and personal with him in most fights.

If you are trying to avoid Tagilla you will still want to be careful as he is not the worst thing lurking in Escape From Tarkov at the moment. The normally hard-to-find Cultists in the game have been brought out for the Halloween season and pose a large threat to any PMC they come across.

While they might not come charging at you with a scythe-like Tagilla, they are quite silent and have their own special melee weapons they can hit you with. If the game is giving you a difficult time, our Escape From Tarkov guides page might be able to help you out with completing quests and finding the best look.

Escape From Tarkov is available on PC.

- This article was updated on October 28th, 2022

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