Escape From Tarkov Money Making Tips: Best Loot Spots & Profitable Items

Find out the best ways to make money!

by Kara Phillips


In most games, money makes the world go round, and it’s safe to say that Escape From Tarkov feels much the same. From the get-go, players will rely on cash to do anything, so it’s important to maximize your incomings as quickly as possible without feeling the pressure. So read on to find out the best locations and items to maximize profits.

Best Loot Locations in Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov produces many ways for players to make money, but there are two endless ways to ensure a consistent cash turnaround to line your pockets. The first is finding high-loot locations, which are abundant in this game. The table below lists three of the most profitable maps within the game, which are worth visiting for any profit-hungry player.

Map Best loot locations
Interchange Interchange has many hidden Cache locations, crucial to optimizing and hitting as many tech stores as possible to collect high-profit goods. In addition, many Cache locations are around the edges of the map, so they are rarely contested by other players, making it a viable and straightforward way to reap profits.
Shoreline Aside from having 37 cache locations, The Village has many jackets to collect. The Gas Station and Pier can help increase the loot turnaround, and the Weather/Power Station can be an excellent location to head for, depending on where you spawn. The Resort is a high-loot location but comes with a high risk due to the level of PvP.
Reserve The Reserve is praised as the holy grail for loot in Escape From Tarkov, so it’s essential to check every room you can. The air raid shelters on either side of the map are home to several goodies with low PvP traffic. Additionally, the train station hosts reliable supply crates. Finally, around 30 Keys across the entire map can open the doors to a hefty profit.

Most Profitable Items in Escape From Tarkov

Sure, farming something like Bitcoin may be a reliable way to turn over a profit, but there are several crafts you can complete to produce high-reward items at the flea market. The table below lists a handful of the most profitable items in Escape From Tarkov to ensure you’re making the most out of the tools at hand.

Item How to Make a Profit
Intel Centre Creating Flash Drives is the most efficient use of money for the Intel Centre. Three can be made at a time for around thirty hours, each returning around 50k. If your Intel Centre is a higher level, you’ll unlock the ability to craft Military Flash Drives. However, sometimes it’s best to retain a few flash drives for other crafts and a higher profit rather than sell them straight away.
Water Collector/Booze Generator Use the Water Collector to make Superwater (Purified Water Cannister), which provides several boosts and buffs to the player. A single unit will cost around 160k, so it’s a great item to churn out if you can. The same can be said for Moonshine created through the Booze Generator. It removes pain and radiation exposure and can go for over 200k per piece on the flea market.
Nutrition Unit The best item to create through the Nutrition Unit is Condensed Milk, which can be produced in bulk and sold for around 15k per unit. In addition, it grants the player many positive buffs, such as 75 energy and three stress resistance, so it’s a sought-after item.

Escape From Tarkov is available on PC.

- This article was updated on October 7th, 2022

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