Escape From Tarkov Bitcoin Farm Guide: How to Make Money With Bitcoins

It's all about the money.

by J.T. Isenhour


When it comes to surviving in Escape From Tarkov, money is everything. You need a lot of money to buy the best gear and ammo so you can make it through a raid and get all of the best loot possible. One of the biggest profit items in the game is Bitcoin, a small little golden coin. There are a few ways to get your hands on the coveted physical Bitcoin in Escape From Tarkov. Let’s go over how you can farm Bitcoin for yourself and what you should do with it.

How to Get Physical Bitcoin in Escape From Tarkov

While in reality, Bitcoin doesn’t come in a physical form it does in Tarkov. You can find this item in raids and carry it out for a nice bit of profit. There are two main ways you will get Bitcoin in Tarkov, either find it in a raid or use a Bitcoin miner.

Finding it in a raid is no simple task, Bitcoin can spawn in many different places. You can find it in any stash, on dead scavs, in jackets, in suitcases, in safes, in duffle bags, and in any marked room or cultist ritual spot. You can also find them in various high-tier loot areas in the Labs.

There are a lot of places for you to check every raid so it is less like you are farming Bitcoins in a raid and more like you happen to stumble across one and shove it in your secure container. Luckily there is no real level requirement for you to find them in raid so even if you are doing your early game quests, like finding Jagers camp, you can stumble across a Bitcoin if you are lucky.

So unless you feel like running Labs over and over and hoping to make it our alive with all the loot, your best way to farm Bitcoin is to use the actual Bitcoin farm. This is a station you can build in your Hideout once you have your Intelligence Center up to level two, so you won’t be building this right at the start of any wipe.

Once you manage to construct the Bitcoin miner you will need to put graphics cards into it for anything to come out. At level one the Bitcoin miner can hold 10 graphics cards, it can hold 25 at level two and 50 at level three. If you upgrade the Bitcoin miner you don’t lose the graphics cards you currently have in it, you will just have the ability to put more in until you hit the new cap.

Once you have the Bitcoin miner at level one and at least one graphics card in it you will need to leave your power on for it to produce Bitcoins. The time it takes for it to produce a Bitcoin is linked to how many graphics cards you have in the miner but it starts out at 40 hours for one Bitcoin with only one graphics card.

What Do You Do With Bitcoin

Now that you know how to get your hands on a steady supply of Bitcoin what should you do with it? Sell it or use it in barter trades. As with most items that are not a weapon or gear, you will want to sell Bitcoins to Therapist for the most money in return. You can sell them to Peacekeeper if you really need some USD instead of Roubles but for the most part, Therapist will be who you want to sell them to.


The best part about Bitcoin in Tarkov is that the value of it is linked to the real-world value of Bitcoin, so when Bitcoin is up the Bitcoins in Tarkov are worth more. You could hold onto you Bitcoin until the market is on a rise if you really want to make the most out of them, but normally selling them when you get them will get you more than enough money.

You can also use the Bitcoin in some pretty nice barters that Mechanic has at some of his higher Loyalty levels. At level two you can trade 10 Bitcoins for a weapon case and at Loyalty level four you can trade 20 Bitcoin and 20 GP coins for a T H I C C Weapon case. If you need any more help with Escape From Tarkov make sure to check out our other guides.

Escape From Tarkov is available on PC.

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