All Upcoming Silent Hill Games and Release Dates

Is it a dream, or did all that happen at once?

by J.R. Waugh


Silent Hill is back, and not just for a remaster and nod to nostalgic fans. It’s back for all forms of fans, for its piece of the horror gaming pie, and potentially the whole dessert cart too. The Silent Hill transmission premiered on October 19, 2022, and announced absolutely astonishing, promising new takes on the franchise, while honoring the legacy of the original games. What’s most notable is the sheer amount of announcements of genuine physical games vs. any other types of cash grabs, as the games took up the vast majority of screen time. If all of these upcoming Silent Hill games are coming as soon as it seems, we’re in for an absolute treat.

All Upcoming Silent Hill Games and Release Dates

The Silent Hill Transmission live stream announced the development of four Silent Hill games, each wildly different from one another, from different developers. It’s sufficiently exciting to see anything Silent Hill-related after the unfortunate demise of Hideo Kojima’s efforts to make Silent Hills, so we’ve got our hopes high.

Silent Hill 2 Remake


What easier way to pry your way back into your fans’ hearts than with a faithful, ground-up remake of Silent Hill 2, one of the best horror games ever made, and the strongest of the Silent Hill games? Perhaps not totally easy, but they still have to create an authentic experience that feels modern and makes use of the atmosphere to create an authentic, immersive atmosphere for one of the eeriest game worlds ever made. But with returning characters including the original protagonist and the iconic Pyramid Head, it seems like they’ve got the right idea.

The game has no set release date, although it’s reasonable to assume it’ll be at least 2023 or beyond. However, you can add it to your Steam or PS5 wishlist now!

Silent Hill: Townfall


Developed by No Code, the Scottish BAFTA-winning team behind Stories Untold and Observation, this could be a refreshing take on Silent Hill, taking you out of the perspective of a protagonist on the ground. You’ll likely conduct eerie observation of the goings on in an undisclosed town from far away, and from the first teaser, you’re first implied to have access to a tiny pocket television as your eyes into the world. How you interact with the characters will feel different, but it’ll certainly be a new take on Silent Hill, and likely feel far more anxious and terrifying than the atmospheric dread and visual storytelling in the usual titles.

No Code will provide updates in the new year, 2023, likely including a release window.

Silent Hill: Ascension


This one is potentially the most intriguing opportunity for the Silent Hill franchise to truly latch onto the vibrant streaming communities such as Twitch. With developers like  Genvid, Behaviour Interactive of Dead by Daylight Fame, and JJ Abrams’ company Bad Robot, this could be an amazing, live horror storytelling experience. Consequences last forever, there’s no reset button, and it’s fully interactive. Your characters’ darkest inner thoughts will manifest as creatures in the world, true to Silent Hill, and not only will the players be able to enjoy themselves — viewers can influence outcomes too.

It seems like a truly interesting new live service game, going up sometime in 2023, with an invitation to subscribe to updates from if you want the latest news and when you can play.

Silent Hill f


With bold new directions, remakes, and seemingly spinoffs for the franchise, Silent Hill f is announced last, as a pivot back toward familiar territory, but in a new land this time. The game seems to take place in Japan, with bizarre, tantalizing body horror elements that are darkly beautiful, including floral arrangements and foliage with blood and flesh tones that’ll force you to have a double-take. If you look closely enough, you might be able to see body organs underneath the petals. Much of the ‘plant’ matter is clearly flesh, and is entangling characters passing through, strange, yet eerie and beautiful.

The game seems to recapture the atmosphere of Silent Hill along with the bewildered terror and mystery while promising something new and uniquely scary for potentially altogether new audiences. It’s brilliant and haunting, and we want to see more. There is no apparent release date for this one, so expect it to come last among these.

Silent Hill is back at last, and that’s not all. Another film was announced, additional merchandise and collectibles will be made available, and more announcements and interviews were had, so be sure to check out the transmission.

- This article was updated on October 20th, 2022

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