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Check out all voice actors in Armored Core 6!

by Christian Bognar
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While the story for Armored Core 6 isn’t anything to write home about, we can’t deny that there is a talented cast behind the voice actors for the game. Some notable names are involved, and it’s good to know who is behind the characters. Read on to discover all the voice actors in Armored Core 6.

Who Are the Voice Actors of Armored Core 6?

Below, you will find all the voice actors that bring Armored Core 6 to life. First, we will go over English actors and then discuss the Japanese actors further down in the article.

All English Voice Actors in Armored Core 6

Here are all the voice actors for the English version of Armored Core 6.

  • Ayre – Erin Yvette
  • Handler Walter – Patrick Seitz
  • ALLMIND – Stephanie Kerbis
  • Cinder Carla – Shara Kirby
  • V.IV Rusty – Chris Hackney
  • G6 Red – Robby Daymond
  • Narrator – Ray Chase
  • G5 Iguazu – Griffin Burns
  • G1 Michigan – DC Douglas
  • V.II Snail – Jon Lipow
  • Honest Brute – Dave B. Mitchell
  • Sulla – Nicolas Roye
  • G3 Wu Huahai – Johnny Yong Bosch
  • V.VI Maeterlinck – Kate Higgins
  • Chartreuse – Reba Buhr
  • King – Kyle Hebert
  • Little Ziyi – Stephanie Sheh
  • Thumb Dolmayan – JB
  • Additional Voices – Michael Sinterniklaas, Todd Haberkorn, and Elijah Ungvary

Some notable names are here in the English cast for Armored Core 6. For starters, DC Douglas who plays G1 Michigan is known for playing Albert Wesker in the Resident Evil series. Robby Daymond, as G6 Red, has recently portrayed Chai in the critically acclaimed game “Hi-Fi Rush.”

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All Japanese Voice Actors in Armored Core 6

All the voice actors who play the Japanese version of Armored Core 6 are listed below.

  • Ayre – Fairouz Ali
  • Handler Waiter – Takayuki Sakazume
  • ALLMIND – Megumin Han
  • Cinder Carla – Ayaka Shimoyamada
  • Chatty Stick – Yutaka Aoyama
  • Invincible Rammy – Takuma Sasaki
  • Honest Bruce – Hiroki Yasumoto
  • V.I Freud – Koji Okino
  • V.II Snail – Hiromochi Yezuka
  • V.III O’Keeffe – Hiroki Yamada
  • V.IV Rusty – Yasuyuki Kase
  • V.V Hawkins – Nobuo Tobita
  • V.VI Maeterlinck – Lynn
  • V.VII Swinburne – Kosuke Echigoya
  • V.VIII Pater – RYO Shimokawa
  • G1 Michigan – Setsuji Sato
  • G2 Nile – Fuminori Komatsu
  • G3 Wu Huahai – Hiroki Goto

The most recognizable names in the Japanese cast for Armored Core 6 are Takayuki Sakazume and Megumin Han. Takayuki has played multiple voices in the Nioh series, while Megumin is known for her work in various shows such as Hunter x Hunter as Cluck and Oshi no Ko as Kana Arima.

- This article was updated on August 25th, 2023

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