How to Unlock Multiplayer in Armored Core 6

Learn how to join Armored Core's deadly PVP combat!

by Marc Magrini
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Multiplayer is a notable aspect of Armored Core 6, a game that builds on the feature’s inclusion from previous titles. Players are able to create rooms where they can take each other down in intense battles, allowing for 1v1 or 3v3 face-offs. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available from the start. Players will need to sink some time into the main story of Armored Core 6 if they want to unlock multiplayer.

Requirements to Unlock Multiplayer in Armored Core 6

Perhaps so players have access to more available parts, multiplayer is only available after completing chapter 2. This is the only way to battle against other players online, which also means that you’ll need to complete the Ocean Crossing mission. An extremely powerful boss stands in the way of access to PVP, so you’ll need to use some airtight strategies and equally-powerful weapons. After all that is complete, the Nest — Armored Core’s online multiplayer — will become available.

The Nest is very similar to Arena battles. The biggest difference is the fact that you’re able to choose the locale and raise the player count, giving you options in terms of both cover and chaos. You’ll also need to use vastly different strategies, as player-controlled ACs are piloted with far greater skill than most AI-controlled ACs. Even the best weapons can prove useless against these foes, and you’ll likely need to spend quite a bit of time improving your skills if you want to even stand a chance.

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Be aware that you won’t have access to co-op even after unlocking the Nest feature. There are some missions that provide you with AI-controlled teammates, but the Nest is purely for player-versus-player encounters. Nest is referred to in-game as a sort of training program, which gives a hint as to how it was intended to be used. Hone your skills against other players and use those skills to blast through the main story!

- This article was updated on August 25th, 2023

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