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Amnesia: Rebirth Ruins Teleporter Puzzle

Power up an even larger teleporter with even larger pillars.

by Brandon Adams


The ruins in Amnesia: Rebirth have a much larger teleporter than the one found in the Alchemy Lab, and it too has a puzzle to solve. To power the massive construct, Tasi will need to overcome yet another rune puzzle involving pillars, but these are far larger than the ones found in the lab. The basic idea remains the same: select the correct three runes to power the teleporter, but there’s a twist here.

Orient the pillars to complete the image behind them to power the ruins teleporter in Amnesia: Rebirth.

Once you enter the gigantic chamber within the ruins in Amnesia: Rebirth, Tasi will notice the three giant pillars with runes on each side. In the center of the room is another rune panel puzzle, though this time around you’ll need to first figure out the sequence the pillars need to be in before cracking the code. This can be done one of two ways: the painful “find the note with the clue” method, or the “use this guide to avoid the scary monster” strategy.

If you want the full Amnesia: Rebirth experience, head up the stairs and enter the side chamber to scrounge for a note that hints at how Tasi can find the solution. Just, you know, avoid the ghoul prowling the joint. There’s a note at the back of the room near a corpse with the answer, mentioning the image behind the pillars. Once you have that return to the main chamber of the ruins to solve the teleporter puzzle.

Whether you braved the beast or jumped straight to this paragraph, you’ll now need to rotate the pillars manually. There are three total, though the first pillar on the left is locked in place. The other two can be moved, but before you do anything else first step in front of the rune panel. Look ahead and focus on the image behind the pillars. Notice all the lines, and how the pillars also have lines?

You need to complete a full circuit between the three pillars, and since the first one can’t be moved it’ll act as your reference. Rotate the other two pillars until the loop and runes on the pillars begin to glow, or reference my Amnesia: Rebirth screenshot below if you’d rather take the easy route.


Once the pillars in the ruins are correctly oriented return to the rune panel to move the red bar over the correct combination. This time you’ll need to spin the panel to get the proper combination aligned left to right, then move the bar over them. Once you’ve done so tap the button at the top of the panel to power the teleporter in the ruins. Congrats, but your journey in Amnesia: Rebirth is far from over. You still need to make your way back up top. Have fun with that: there aren’t any hardcore puzzles between you and the teleporter. Just some good ole fashioned scares. Enjoy!

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