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Ancestors: Humankind Odyssey – How to Get Neuronal Energy Upgrade Points

Bringing babies with you on your journeys is the fastest way.

by William Schwartz


Neuronal Energy are the points that you will use to upgrade your clan’s abilities.  There are multiple types of ability nodes to unlock in Ancestors by going to the Evolution Menu.  While the menu can be accessed from a bed, you will need these Neuronal points to upgrade abilities in the movement, senses, intelligence, and communication skills area.  Each of these skills has a branching system of unlocks which afford you new abilities, but to unlock them you’ll need to spend this energy.

Great, so where do you get it?  There are a few different ways to get Neuronal Energy in Ancestors.  One way to get the energy is by analyzing the bones of your ancestors.  These can be found on the map and are marked as circles with a skull on them.  Approaching the icon you will see that there are bones on the ground.  These can be found in your Oasis or out in the wild where others have fallen to predators, hunger or thirst.

The second is through bringing babies with you on your journeys.  Your babies are available to go on expeditions for food or journeys into new areas where completing various tasks like sensing, identifying items, landmarks, or new areas.  The more babies that are around you when you complete these actions the more neuronal energy you will earn and the more nodes can be unlocked.

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