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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: What Can You Bring Home From the May Day Event 2021?

Don’t expect to bring home much

by Lisa Nguyen


The Animal Crossing: New Horizons May Day 2021 event island is filled with many items players may feel tempted to bring home. The island is covered in bushes, trees, and items crafted during the tour. Plus, there is a unique visitor, Rover, who sits at the end of the maze. Only a few items are available to take home during this annual event.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: What Can You Bring Home From the May Day Event 2021?

Players can only take home Bell Vouchers as soon as the event is over. These tickets are redeemable at Nook’s Cranny for 3,000 Bells each. Normally, these tickets sell for 500 Nook Miles each, which is a bargain if you can grab all nine from the event island.

The second item players will receive is from Rover, but only if they completed the maze. However, it is mailed to the player and not directly given to them during their island visit. Once players have completed the maze, speak to Rover and he’ll give you one of two items. Players who completed the maze in 2020 will receive the new 2021 item: Rover’s photo. If players haven’t previously completed the maze, they will receive Rover’s Briefcase. Both items are extremely rare and unavailable elsewhere.

The event island is filled with beautiful items but they have to stay on the island. Even if players collect the bushes and fruits, Wilbur the pilot won’t let you take them home. Don’t worry about filling your bag with flowers, fruits, bushes, and wood because it will ultimately be a waste of time.

Fortunately, players can buy flowers and bushes later from Leif, who always has a random assortment of flowers and bushes available during his visits in front of the Residential Services building. As for the fruit, players can collect them from Island Mystery Tours from Dodo Airlines or trading with friends.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much that players can take home during the May Day tour event 2021. While extra bells and a special gift from Rover is enticing to some, others may simply enjoy playing through the event again.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a Nintendo Switch exclusive available now.

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