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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: What is the International Museum Day 2021 Event?

Enjoy your island's museum with a two week long event

by Lisa Nguyen


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has brought back the International Museum Day event for 2021. The primary focus of the event remains the same, but with one significant addition. Players who didn’t have the opportunity to play the game last May can once again enjoy the festivities and collect the limited-time rewards. Despite the event’s title implying it’s only for one day, the event lasts for two weeks.

The International Museum Day 2021 event consists of four Stamp rallies within the museum. If players don’t have the museum on their island yet, they can’t participate.

The event begins with visiting Blathers in the museum. He gives players a special Stamp Card themed after Fish, Insects, and Fossils. In 2021, Nintendo has added a new fourth Stamp Rally card for the Art Gallery.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: What is the International Museum Day 2021 Event?

The official description from the April update page states:
International Museum Day (May 18 – May 31): To celebrate International Museum Day, players can take part in a Stamp Rally between May 18-31. After talking to Blathers and receiving a special stamp card, players can enjoy viewing fish, insects, fossils, and art while collecting stamps at the various museum exhibits.”

Players take their themed Stamp Rally card into the corresponding section within the museum. The next task is to find all three Stamp Machines hidden within each area. When players have collected all three stamps from that section, they return the card to Blathers for a special reward. The night owl may or may not be awake during this time, but he doesn’t mind being woken up.

Since there are four cards, players will have to collect a total of twelve stamps from the entire museum to collect all of the available rewards. It’s unknown if the stamp machine locations will be the same as in 2021, so players will have to be on the lookout.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a Nintendo Switch exclusive available now.

- This article was updated on:May 9th, 2021

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