Antibiotics Recipe in Fallout 76 – All Ingredients, Listed

No matter how popular antibiotics are, they can never go viral...

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you wondering what ingredients are required to make the Antibiotics recipe in Fallout 76? Antibiotics are beneficial because not only do they cure you of a disease, but they also lower your disease chance by 50%. This gives them an advantage over Disease Cure, which only cures one disease. However, the ingredients required for the Antibiotics recipe are valuable and hard to come by.

How to Make Antibiotics in Fallout 76

To make the Antibiotics recipe, you need access to a Chemistry Station, have the Pharmacist 3 perk unlocked, and learn the Antibiotics Recipe. Once done, you must find all of the crafting ingredients. Here are the ingredients for the Antibiotics Recipe in Fallout 76 listed:

  • 3 x Antiseptic
    • You can obtain Antiseptic by junking the following items:
      • Abraxo Cleaner
      • Abraxo Cleaner Industrial Grade
      • Autopsy Board Game
      • Blood Sac
      • Empty Blood Sac
      • Industrial Solvent
      • Royal Jelly
      • Tick Blood Sac
      • Toothpaste
      • Turpentine
      • Undamaged Abraxo Cleaner
      • Waste Antiseptic
  • 1 x Blood Pack
    • You can craft a Blood Pack using two Tick Blood and one Antiseptic at a Chemistry Station. You can also purchase it from a medical supplies vending machine or loot it at the Watoga Emergency Services location.
  • 2 x Disease Cure
    • There are six different Disease Cure recipes from different regions. You can use a Disease Cure from any of these six recipes based on the Antibiotics recipe.
  • 2 x Purified Water
    • You can make Purified Water at a Cooking Station or Chemistry Station using one Dirty Water and one Water Filter. You can also collect it from Water Purifiers built at a C.A.M.P. or Workshop. Finally, you can loot or purchase them in Appalachia.
  • 1 x Stimpack
    • You can craft a Stimpack at a Chemistry Station using two Antiseptics, one Blood Pack, and one Steel. You can also buy them from a medical supplies vending machine, loot them across Appalachia, or obtain them as a reward for completing quests.

Here is the complete profile of Antibiotics:

  • Effects: Cure disease and lowers disease chance by 50%
  • Food: -3%
  • Water: -5%
  • Weight: 0.25
  • Value: 40 Caps

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The Best Fallout 76 Recipe: Antibiotics Locations

You can find the Antibiotics recipe by completing events, quests, looting, or buying it. Here are the best ways to locate the recipe if you don’t have it:

  • Events: You can be rewarded with the Antibiotics recipe for completing the Battle Bot, Breach and Clear, and Lode Baring events in the Ash Heap region.
  • Mirror Containers: You can loot any mirror container across any region in Appalachia
  • Quests: You have a chance to be rewarded with the Antibiotics recipe for completing the Earth Mover and Personal Matters quests
  • Vendors: You can purchase the Antibiotics recipe from the MODUS medical terminal in The Whitespring Bunker, Scavenger Trader (random encounter), or Trader (random encounter).

Note: The best way to obtain the recipe that doesn’t require luck is by purchasing it at the MODUS medical terminal.

- This article was updated on April 11th, 2023

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