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Apex Legends Season 4 – Battle Pass Leveling Guide

Earn the new Assimilation cosmetics before they're gone.

by Brandon Adams


Apex Legends has entered Season 4, which means there is a new Battle Pass stuffed to the gills with goodies and more. While leveling it has not changed much since Season 3, sometimes a quick refresher is exactly what the Lifeline ordered.

The Battle Pass can be leveled without paying a dime, but the best rewards are in the premium track.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point, but it needs to be said: there is a free track and a premium track within the Season 4 Battle Pass. The free pass is, well, pretty slim on rewards. It offers a Season 4 kill tracker for each legend, five Apex Packs (the lootboxes), and a Caustic skin that is buried deep within at level 60.

While I don’t want to tell anyone how to spend their money, I will say this: if you plan to level this pass you may as well pay the 950 Apex Coins required to unlock the premium track. This equals out to about $10, though you could always use leftover coins from previous seasons if you have them. Considering the cheapest coin package you can buy is the $10 deal means you will either need exactly 950 coins, or you’ll have to drop a Hamilton on the pass (or, whatever your regional equivalent is).

You can also spend 2,800 coins to skip straight to level 25 if you are so inclined (and you will unlock Wraith’s Perfect Soldier skin immediately in doing so), but leveling the Battle Pass is not difficult, so do this only if you have money to burn. You can also pay to level the pass after you buy it, but that’s not why you are here reading this article, now is it? Also, you can’t pay beyond level 100, so if you want to earn the level 110 reward you need to play.


Leveling the Battle Pass involves three different tasks.

That out of the way, leveling the Battle Pass in Season 4 boils down to three things: performing well in-game, completing daily challenges, and finishing up weekly challenges. Performing well in-game is exactly what is says on the tin: you’ll get more Battle Pass experience the better you perform. This match experience does not directly contribute to the Battle Pass, however, but a resetting weekly challenge I go into more detail about below. That said, you don’t want to sleep on your match experience. Lasting longer gives a healthy chunk of experience if you are still working on kills, as does assisting teammates with revives. If you can eradicate enemy players you’ll net more experience, and getting that sweet victory will earn you even more.

To break it down more concisely, experience is rewarded for:

  • Winning a match (900 points)
  • Finishing in the top 5 (300 points)
  • Time alive (3 points every second)
  • Kills (50 points per kill)
  • Damage dealt (.25 points for every 1 damage dealt)
  • Reviving a downed ally (25 points per revive)
  • Respawning an ally (200 points per ally)
  • First kill of the day (500 points, and resets daily)
  • First match of the day (10,000 points, and resets daily)
  • Killing the match champions (500 points per player on the champion’s team)
  • Entering a match as the champion (500 points)
  • Becoming kill leader in a match(50 points)
  • Play with one friend for a +5% boost to time alive exp.
  • Play with two friends for a +10% boost to time alive exp.

These also level your account rank, which means 45 free Apex Packs if you are below rank 100. If you are new to Apex Legends focus on maximizing your time alive and learning the map. Revive teammates when it is safe to do so, and grab respawn tokens when you have a clear shot at a respawn beacon. Experienced players will start to add kill experience to the pile, and eventually entering the top five will become more common. But, for leveling the Battle Pass efficiently, focus on time alive if you struggle with kills.

The second method you level the Battle Pass in Season 4 is through daily challenges. These reset at 3am PST, and can vary from tasks as simple as playing two rounds with a certain character, to dealing a set amount of damage in a single match, to dropping in a specific zone. These appear to the left of the launch screen, and you can view more challenges via the button below the daily challenges. These cannot be repeated once they reset, so if you plan to play only for short bursts be sure to focus on these, seeing as they reward 3,000 Battle Pass experience each.

The third way you can level your Battle Pass in Season 4 is to complete the constantly unlocking weekly challenges. These tend to be more complicated than daily challenges (because – as the name implies – you are meant to work on these over the course of a week), but they can be accomplished at any point in the season once they are made available. If you are behind on your Battle Pass these are the challenges you need to look into.

The rewards for a weekly challenge vary between a set amount of experience or a straight up Battle Pass level (four are worth 6,000 experience, and three award a level). Under each challenge will be a diamond to indicate how many stages there are to a challenge, with one diamond indicating there only a single task you need to complete to earn the reward.


Weekly challenges are also somewhat random. They are clumped together into pools, and the pool you receive for a week may be different than what your squadmates or friends see. This means teams working on their weekly challenges will need to coordinate with each other, and cannot assume everyone is working on the same objectives.

That said, but the end of a season everyone will have seen each of the pools, so if there is a particular challenge giving you Hell halfway into the season there is a good chance we or someone else will have a guide up for it. Additionally, there are three set weekly challenges that do reset weekly, but that are simple: complete five daily challenges in a week, complete 10 daily challenges in a week, and earn 9,000 match/battle pass experience a week (this one is unlimited, but the experience required will double until the reset). Each of these three rewards a Battle Pass level. Weekly challenges either unlock or refresh Tuesday mornings at 3am PST.

Something that needs to be footstomped real quick: all Battle Pass experience is dumped into that resetting weekly, so the more you grind the longer it will take to level the pass each week. The key is to find balance between the daily challenges and the weekly challenges.

So, if you wanna level up your Battle Pass as quickly as possible, you need to focus on the daily challenges first, followed by your weekly challenges, and then wrapping the two up with your performance in-game. Think of in-game performance was working in parallel to the challenges, and be on the lookout for any weekly challenges that overlap with a daily challenge (such as dealing x-amount of damage with a specific weapon type).

So long as you are on top of your challenges you’ll find the Battle Pass is a breeze to max out. As of February 4th players have 90 days to complete the pass before the next season rolls out, which is a healthy three month window. Even casual players can get the much coveted Cyberpunked skin for Wattson: it’s earned at level 50, so doing your dailies alone should get you across the line.

- This article was updated on:February 4th, 2020

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