Apex Legends Vantage Guide | Abilities, Kit, Play Style, and Tips

At last, a legend that will watch your back.

by J.T. Isenhour


The newest season of Apex Legends brings back an old map and a legend focused on sniping. Vantage is the newest recon character in Apex Legends and her abilities are heavily focused on sniping or tacking battles at range. As with any new legend in Apex Legends, their abilities are a bit confusing and figuring out the right way to use this legend in a squad will take some time. Let’s go over all of Vantage’s abilities and some tips to keep in mind with her in Apex Legends.

Vantage’s Abilities And Tips For Using Her In Apex Legends

Passive – Spotter’s Lens

If you aim down sights while unarmed you will activate your lens similar to how Seer’s heartbeat sensor works. With the lens active you will be able to see marks on enemy legends within your sightline, get your distance from them, and the shields of the entire enemy squad. This ability also works when using any medium or long-range scopes and will also provide you with a small blue circle that accounts for bullet drop to help with hitting those long-range shots.


While the Spotter’s Lens will account for bullet drop with the weapons you are currently aiming with, it won’t account for the travel time of the shot. So if you are aiming at a moving target you will still need to figure out the shot lead for yourself. Once you manage to figure out how much you need to lead the shot, the blue circle in your scope will be able to help you land a headshot as long as you manage to keep the blue circle at head level.

Ability – Echo Relocation

By using your ability button you can send Echo up to 40 meters away from Vantage. If you aim at an object echo will stop at the object or ground you are aimed at, if you aim in the air Echo will go 40 meters away in the direction you aimed and stop in the air. You will get an indicator that shows how far off of the ground Echo is. If you have line of sight to Echo, you can hold down your ability button to fly toward Echo after a short charge up.

If you break line of sight with Echo while charging the ability will cancel and go on cooldown. Once you reach Echo you can double jump to change your direction or you will simply continue going in the direction you were moving before. You can press your ability button at any point to reposition Echo and can recall Echo by holding down your utility button. If Echo is more than 50 meters away from you, Echo will move toward you while maintaining the height that Echo was placed at.


This ability is great for getting yourself up to the high ground to watch over the rest of your squad or to get yourself out of a bad spot. This isn’t really great for a fight initiation since the wind-up is so long and you don’t move very fast while in the air, but it can be used if you need to get yourself in a fight to help out your teammates. You can also leave Echo as a fallback tool since it will maintain at least 40 meters of distance from you and moves closer if you go out of its range.

Ultimate – Snipers Mark

By pressing your ultimate button, Vantage will equip her custom sniper rifle. The bullets fired from this sniper do about 75 damage on a headshot and 50 on a body shot. Any enemy hit by your sniper will be marked for your team for 10 seconds and take 15% more damage. If you hit an enemy that is already marked with your ultimate, they will take double damage and the mark timer will be reset.


Your sniper can hold up to five shots and a bullet takes about 40 seconds to regenerate. This means you will be looking at a 3-minute 30-second wait time to fully charge up your magazine for the sniper. The nice thing about this ultimate is you can equip it as long as you have at least one shot in it. You can also keep it equipt after you fire your last shot, but if you put it away you will need to wait for one shot to regen before you can pull it back out.

The sniper comes with a custom 3x – 8x scope on it that works with your passive. This means you can hit some long-range shots and mark targets for the rest of your squad to focus on in a fight. You won’t really be using the rifle to kill full squads but you might be able to get a down or two if you hit all of your shots. For the most part, you will want to fire off a shot from this and switch to something else to deal additional damage.

Now that you know how to properly use Vantage, you can work well with any team comp although some are stronger than others. If you need any more help with Apex Legends make sure to check out our other guides.

Apex Legends is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, IOS, Android, and PC.

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