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Aquanox: How to Save

You'll want to save on your own terms, trust me.

by Brandon Adams


Aquanox: Deep Descent has an auto-save feature, but it’s not exactly great, so you’ll want to save on your own. Situations you think it’ll pop it doesn’t, and you can easily find yourself loading a recent autosave that puts you a good ten to fifteen minutes back from where you were. Don’t get caught repeating the same challenges over and over again, and take your Aquanox saves into your own hands.

Use F5 or Left-Bumper and Select to quick-save in Aquanox.

F5 has been the de facto quick-save hotkey for ages on PC (at least in most titles), and that’s no different in Aquanox: Deep Descent. Tap F5 and you’ll create a quick-save right then and there. To my surprise, there’s even a quick-save option on controller, but you’ll need to use two buttons to get it to work. Just hold down the left-bumper, and then tap Select to generate a quick-save. New quick-saves do overwrite the previous quick-save, don’t worry about clutter.

You can also manually save by opening the menu with Escape or the Start button. From there you can select Save Game to manually save. You’ll notice Aquanox does something rather nifty with saves: each variant has it’s own segment. That means you can have separate auto-saves, quick-save, and manual saves to pull from. Not a bad little quality-of-life addition to have in the game. That said, when you die you’ll be asked if you want to load your last auto-save, or to choose a save.

Trust me when I say you’ll want to quick-save often and select your save. If you opt for the auto-save upon death you may find yourself ten to fifteen minutes back from where you were, because Aquanox: Deep Descent doesn’t always auto-save when you change zones. Yeah, it’s annoying, so quick-save, quick-save, quick-save! You’ll thank me later.

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