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Aquanox: How to Upgrade Sub, How to Unlock New Parts

Find your favorite sub, then make it into a monster of the depths.

by Brandon Adams


In Aquanox: Deep Descent your sub is your life: what parts you choose to upgrade will dramatically alter how it performs, and how many hits it can take before imploding. You’ll want to keep your favorite sub up to date, and to do so you’ll need to scavenge damn near every wreck your sonar displays. I’m not kidding: you’re gonna need a lot of money and materials to grab every upgrade for your sub.

Upgrade your sub inside docks, and unlock new parts by completing quests in Aquanox.

Your sub can be upgraded within any dock in Aquanox, no matter where you’re at. The first tab will take you to the upgrade menu, and the first thing you’ll see are your sub upgrades. Each sub has four upgrade slots: cockpit, shields, engine and wings. These will improve your hull, shields, shield regen, agility, and speed.

Upgrades in Aquanox are linear. There are no “side-grades” for you to swap between. You merely replace the last part with the new one, end of story. New parts and upgrades are earned by completing quests, and the vast majority come from the main story. There are six subs in Aquanox, and you’ll often be rewarded five or more parts at once upon completing major story quests. It helps to find a sub you prefer before going nuts with upgrades, because it’s expensive to max-out a sub.

You’ll need a combination of credits and materials to upgrade the parts of your sub in Aquanox. The credit cost is usually between 1,000 and 4,000 credits, and upgrades will always require three different materials. You’re going to want to pilfer every wreck your sub’s sonar picks up out in the murky blue, indicated by purple gears. Seriously, hoover up everything. You’re going to need materials to not only upgrade your sub, but to craft ammo and more, so don’t get lazy.

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