Are Destiny 2 Servers Offline Currently?

Background maintenance has been extended...

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Bungie

Are Destiny 2 servers offline currently? You aren’t alone in searching for the answer to this question because many players like you are experiencing issues while attempting to play. Bungie reported that they are investigating an increase in WEASEL errors, players having issues logging into Destiny 2, and players finding themselves in a login queue. Here is everything you need to know on why the Destiny 2 servers are offline currently because of these issues, what you can do to help, and when you can expect them to be online.

Are the Destiny 2 Servers Currently Offline?

Yes, the Destiny 2 servers were brought offline so Bungie can investigate issues. We have the exact timeline of events per the official Tweets of the Bungie Help Twitter page, so you know exactly what happened and when you can expect the servers to be returned online.

At 6 PM PST, Bungie tweeted that Destiny 2 integration features on, including the API, will remain offline while they investigate the issues.

At 7 PM PST, Bungie tweeted again that Destiny 2 has been temporarily brought offline to help them investigate the issues reported by players like you. These issues range from error codes, the inability to log in, and login queues. Unfortunately, Bungie has given no other information regarding the program.

However, an hour later, at 8 PM PST, Bungie sent a Tweet stating that the background maintenance timeline for Hotfix had been extended by an additional four hours. This means the maintenance period should end at midnight PST.

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Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do now besides waiting for Bungie to identify and fix the issue so they can bring the Destiny 2 servers back online. However, you can closely monitor the Bungie Help Twitter page for updates. Once the servers are back online, you should report any issues you experience to the help forum to make Bungie aware.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2023