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Astral Chain: How To Beat Cerberus

Take down the three-headed beast.

by Dean James


Astral Chain has you pretty consistently moving back and forth between the regular world and the Astral Plane where the chimeras live. Many of these visits include you taking on a boss to advance, with Cerberus being one of the bosses found in File 03. This guide will go over some strategies to take down the three-headed mythological beast in Astral Chain.

This boss fight starts off not directly against Cerberus itself, but rather against some wolf-like chimera minions that you have to take down first. These shouldn’t pose too much of a problem other than maybe overwhelming you a bit. Take advantage of your Astral Chain to bind some of them to stun and take them down quickly, limiting the number of them that can attack you at once.

Eventually Cerberus will join the fight and take you on solo, which can be a bit of a challenge. One of the usual strategies in Astral Chain is to bind the enemy first to stun them, but don’t even bother with Cerberus. This big beast will just break right out of it, making it not even worth your time to try it. You are still going to want to activate your IRIS at this point and point the cursor at Cerberus to get a reading on its health bar though.

Instead of binding Cerberus, what you want to do is move up towards it and try to stay on either of its sides the best that you can. They will keep moving around, which makes this difficult, but try and dodge whenever it turns, as that is usually when it will try to launch an attack as well. While you have it on the side, this is a good opportunity to really let into Cerberus with your Gladius and also mixing in some Sword Legion Slash attacks as well.

Eventually, Cerberus will run away across some platforms and start raining down projectiles. You will have to use your Chain Jump to move across these to reach where the chimera has moved to. However, these projectiles can make this incredibly difficult, especially on the smaller platforms. If you’re not fast enough, you may get hit with a falling projectile and get knocked off the platform entirely, losing a good portion of your health when you recover.

Speed across this gap as quickly as you can and then move up and start attacking Cerberus again with the same strategy as before. Before too long you should be able to take it down after you deal a bit more damage.

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