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Astral Chain: How To Beat Crius

Take on a boss on a motorcycle for the first time.

by Dean James


The introduction scene in Astral Chain put you on a motorcycle and we already told you how to survive such sequences. Now nine Files later in the game, yet another motorcycle sequence has appeared. You can use the prior guide to get past the first part of the fight, but then you are introduced to your first boss fight on a motorcycle with Crius.

In your previous motorcycle sequence, you did not have access to your Legion, but this time you have some extra help that definitely can be used against Crius. As with the other motorcycle section, you are going to want to just hold down ZR. There is absolutely no reason not to keep it held down, as there is no sort of overheating system built in here.

Keep firing at Crius, while also moving side to side dodging its attacks when you need to as well. You can also press B to evade, which is necessary sometimes.

The game changer here is the aforementioned Legion, which you can just keep pressing ZL to send out right at Crius and damage it. This is just the edge you need to take down Crius before it can knock out all of your health. If you are getting into trouble here, you can still use medicine while on the bike as well.

Just keep attacking Crius and you’ll have it defeated rather quickly. Don’t get too relaxed though, because another boss fight is found directly after this one.

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