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Astral Chain: How To Follow Chimera Tracks

Follow your Legion's nose wherever it goes.

by Dean James


Serving as an officer for Neuron in Astral Chain, you will be taking part in plenty of investigations. We’ve already discussed how helpful your IRIS can be in the game and some interesting ways to use your Legion, but there is yet another available in the game in the form of tracking to find out where you need to go. This guide will explain how you can get your Legion on the right trail.

Tracking down Chimera is something you will find yourself doing in Astral Chain during your investigations, which your Legion can thankfully help you with. To go about doing this first requires you to find Red Matter and clean it up. After doing so, you will have something left behind for your Chimera to track.

To go about doing this, summon your Legion first as always by pressing ZL. Once your Legion is summoned, hold down ZL and use the right analog stick to move it on top of the area you want to track from.

At this point, your Legion will figure out the scent and reddish pink like markers will appear that you need to follow. You don’t even have to have your IRIS on to track these, so follow them as far as you can go and you should find yourself right where you need to be.

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