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Marvel’s Avengers: How to Unlock Hawkeye’s (Clint Barton) Ronin Outfit

A must-have for Hawkeye mains

by Joshua Garibay


Marvel’s Avengers has welcomed Hawkeye to the team. This addition is not to be confused with Kate Bishop, who joined the heroic ensemble late last year and formerly sported the moniker. The narrative has built up to Clint’s return after Kate’s introduction and now he has arrived.

The master archer has brought a few changes of clothes with him as well, for those that want to fight evil forces in style. Among the available costumes is Clint’s iconic Ronin outfit. We’ll tell you how to add it to your inventory.

How to Unlock Hawkeye’s Ronin Outfit

There are two paths to Hawkeye’s Ronin outfit, one paid and one free. As usual, the determining factors revolve around time and money.

For those looking to earn the Ronin costume without spending an additional dime on the game, the legendary outfit can be obtained by progressing Hawkeye’s Challenge Card to level 40. The gold-accented attire is the final unlock on the Challenge Card. Daily and Weekly Challenges will need to be completed to progress the card’s level.

Of course, you can save yourself some time if you have acquired Credits from completing the Challenge Cards of the other heroes. Each hero possesses 1,300 Credits on their Challenge Cards. With seven characters currently in the game, that means there is a total of 9,100 Credits on the table for taking. That’s more than enough to buy the 40 levels of Hawkeye’s Challenge Card outright, which comes to 4,000 Credits.

However, if you have not spent ample time grinding away at Challenge Cards, chances are you are a bit low on those funds. Credits can be purchased with real world cash, if you so choose. But I’d recommend not dropping all that money to quickly complete the Challenge Card.

Instead, consider Hawkeye’s premium Royal Ronin outfit in the Marketplace. The primary difference is that this Ronin costume swaps out the gold trim for the superhero’s iconic purple. The premium outfit costs 1,400 Credits, a fraction of the requirement of paying for 40 Challenge Card levels.

Follow either unlock method and you will soon be wearing Hawkeye’s best looking costume.

Marvel’s Avengers is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia.

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