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Back 4 Blood: Best Cards

You can never go wrong with these cards for any build

Back 4 Blood has an interesting card system that adds a lot of replayability. You can make some very creative builds and create some very useful synergies with the system. However, with these synergies, there are some cards that are invaluable in the grand scheme of things. Perhaps they can top off your builds or just provide utility that can help your runs go smoother.

The best cards in Back 4 Blood

These are all the cards that you can never go wrong with with the majority of the cast. Some might be weapon specific, but these can really help turn the tide in battle against the Ridden. Each card listed will have their effects shown.

  • Ridden Slayer: +20% Weak spot damage
  • Smelling Salts: +100% Revive Speed
  • Fire in the Hole! : When you throw an Offensive Accessory, gain 20 Temporary Health and 20% Move Speed for 5 seconds
  • Mandatory PT: +15% Team Stamina
  • Shredder: Each bullet hit causes the target to take 1% increased damage for 3 seconds (stacks up to 15%)
  • Combat Training: +5 Bullet Damage, +50% Bullet Penetration
  • Hunker Down: While crouching, gain 10% damage resistance and 40% accuracy
  • Down in Front! : While crouching, you neither take nor deal Friendly Fire damage. +10% Health
  • Patient Hunter: Each second you Aim Down Sights increases your Damage by 10% (up to 3 stacks)
  • Marked for Death: Mutations you ping are highlighted and your team deals 10% increased damage to highlighted enemies.
  • Knowledge is Power: +10% Weakspot Damage. Allows players to see values for damage they deal and enemy health bars.
  • Confident Killer: When you or your team kills a Mutation gain 1% damage (up to 15% until the end of the level
  • Scar Tissue: Take 1 less damage from all Ridden
  • Line ‘em Up: +100% Bullet Penetration with assault rifles
  • Face Your Fears: Gain 3 Temporary Health whenever you kill a Ridden within 2 meters
  • Two is One and One is None: You can equip a Primary Weapon in your Secondary slot
  • Buckshot Bruiser: When using Shotguns, gain temporary health for each pellet that hits
  • Wounded Animal: Kills while at Critical Health recover 1 health
  • Saferoom Recovery: Your team heals 5 Trauma Damage and refills 10% ammo at the start of each level


A majority of these cards will be acquired via the Supply Lines. You can learn more about Supply Lines and Supply Points by clicking here. Some of these might be more weapon specific like Buckshot Bruiser. Most of these are fairly powerful and can make certain builds feel overpowered.

Back 4 Blood is out now on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC. You can check out additional content like guides, news, and a review by clicking here.

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