Baldur’s Gate 3 Cross Save: How to Transfer PC and PS5 Save Data

Here's how you can transfer your save file for Baldur's Gate 3 from PC to PS5.

by Christian Bognar
Image: Larian Studios

So you made it far in Baldurs Gate 3 on PC and want to try out the game with the power of the PS5. The good news is that Larian Studios allows cross-saves, meaning you can bring all your saved characters and items over to Sony’s console. This guide will cover how to transfer your saved Baldurs Gate 3 file from PC to PlayStation 5.

Transfer PC Save File to PlayStation 5 for Baldur’s Gate 3

The first step you need to do to transfer your saved file from PC to PlayStation 5 for Baldur’s Gate 3 is to set up a Larian account. You can do so by heading to the official Larian website. Once you have done this, follow the steps below to enable cross-save.

  1. Head into options from the main menu screen.
  2. From the Gameplay tab, scroll down to “Save Options” and turn it on.
  3. Do this on both the PlayStation 5 and PC.

After following those steps, you can access your saved file on PlayStation 5 and PC. This is because now your saved file is connected to your Larian Account instead of just independently by systems.

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To load your saved file from your PC on the PlayStation 5, all you need to do is select “Load Game,” and all your saves will be available to load. You can tell which files are considered cross-save as there will be a text stating “cross-save” next to the file. Congratulations! You can access all your characters, items, equipment, etc.

Considering that Baldurs Gate 3 has been confirmed to be coming to Xbox Series X and S in the future, we can assume that players can also cross-save on those platforms. We believe that to be true because your save files are now uploaded to Larian Studios online servers instead of locally, as long as you keep cross-saves turned on in the gameplay options.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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