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Battlefield 2042 Exodus and the 9 things we discovered…

Battlefield 2042 Exodus gave us what we needed to restart the hype before its release

by Carlos Hurtado

This past Thursday the Battlefield’s Youtube Channel released a video called Battlefield 2042 Short Film Exodus. The 9-minute video aims to tell us more about the story of the game to be released this October set in a near future with bigger maps and players counts than ever before.

What Exodus had up its sleeve

After a couple of sit-downs trying to digest all the info that the Short film presents this is what we’ve gotten so far:

  • The game is set years after Battlefield 4‘s ending, we assume this because of the appearances of characters like “Pac” and “Irish” both present in the previous release.
  • The Short-Film sets a massive PMC (Private Military Contractor) Faction called the No-Pats as its antagonist.
  • “Oz” looks like it’s the main antagonist and Leader of the No-Pats Faction.
  • Looks like there was a military fallout shortly after Battlefield 4’s ending causing most military forces to be discredited and abandoned.
  • Irish has a son. After a couple of scenes, we get to see him talking and fooling around with his son,  Irish gives him a small toy (very similar to a dinosaur toy we got to see in Battlefield 3’s seventh mission where we get to play as a tank operator).
  • We will get to play as Irish, Irish joins as an operator in the upcoming release. In fact, there’s going to be an exclusive Battle Hardened skin for the ones who pre-order the game, getting said skin and more cosmetics directly from battlefield 4’s content.
  • The Film hinted at a major military conflict between the US and Russia.
  • Irish’s appearance is based around Michael Kat Williams better known for his role as “Omar Little” on the Hit TV show The Wire.
  • The film’s name comes from the Ship on which the story is developed.

What we can safely assume…

This upcoming release is not going to have a campaign mode, something that has been present in almost every game, but this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a running narrative behind it.

Battlefield 2042 Exodus gave us a small look into what’s coming and what we can expect from it once it is released, we may get to see other characters coming back like Daniel Recker, fan-favorite weapons like the an-94, or even maps like Paracel storm just to name a few.

Battlefield 2042 releases this October 22nd on Ps4, Ps5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and Pc.

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